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    Katsushika, tokyo, japan


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      Nerf Club in Tokyo holding monthly events in an airsoft CQB space. Established 2016. Events usually held alternate Saturday and Sundays at the eng of the month.

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    • ・Homitsu (1) Eyewear It is mandatory for each person to play the Sabagay Field. (Please note that regular glasses and sunglasses are not included in the eyewear.) (2) NERF In addition to domestic and overseas versions, I would like to make a proximity naphth available. The Rival series has different powers and distances, so it's not available in the game. (3) Regarding bullets Shared darts are usually available for 1000 bullets, 200 mega darts, 200 vortexes and 600 swings. We apologize for the inconvenience, but please prepare each person for missiles and other special ammunition. (Not recoverable, may be lost, so please use it at your own risk.)

      ・Participation cost Field usage cost

      2,500 yen

      Under 18

      2,000 yen

      Darts Kampa

      300 yen

      +300 yen for those who use Vortex bullets


      1.About melee weapons

      ・No shaking of close weapons containing a core

      ・Prohibition of throwing close weapons

      ・If you use a melee weapon, please prepare each person (The melee weapon will be difficult to obtain, so you can also use a soft one that sells for 100 yen uniformly, etc. Matching )

      1. About thrown weapons

      ・Please throw your throwing weapons downwards.

      1. Dangerous behavior

      ・Intentional jumping, lying down, and sliding are prohibited.

      ・ Contacts that move the partition, falls, etc. are treated as hits.

      1. Shield use

      ・Basic shields sold at toy stores can also be used.

      ・When using a shield, we will limit it to the use of melee weapons only.

      ・Prohibition of the use of shields that cover the whole body

      1. Participation for those under the age of 18

      ・Regarding the participation of those under the age of 18, we will be accompanied by a guardian from the age of 8, which is the target age of nerf.

      6.For those who use Vortex

      Due to the deterioration of the vortex bullets that have been used for a long time, those who use vortex will receive ¥ 300 per participation in addition to the normal darts donation fee.

      Also, if you continue to use it in the future, you can use it for an unlimited period by paying ¥ 3000 in a lump sum.

      7.Modification/Use of MOD Blaster

      It can be used, but please keep the initial speed below 27m/s.

      For those who say, "I don't know the initial speed...", please refrain from using it.

      There are children participating in the Lizard Club, and above all, the organizers are not good at pain.

      1. Shooting video while playing

      The lizard party always shoots play videos.

      This video will be uploaded on the Internet at a later date, so if you don't like the reflection, we recommend using a mask that covers your entire face.

      Thank you for your cooperation.

      Lizard society is a group that pursues "fun" play, not survival games

      To be honest, even when I'm excited about nerf bullets, I don't feel anything (´・ω・`)

      Did I hit it? Please call all hits

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