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    Welcome to Bay Area Ultra Stock! We are a group that meets up monthly with rotating map locations around the Bay Area. We feature games with 250 fps cap, and an age limit of 15+. All ammo types are welcome so long as they are soft. We have a community pool for factory made ammo of waffles/accufakes, and short-darts.

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    1. Don't be a dick
    2. Any direct hit shot on you counts
    3. Eye protection
    4. Shields are legal, but shields must be under 4sqft 3.1 Big ammo, defined as megas, socks, missiles, and melee destroy shields for the round in addition to counting as a hit on the person.
    5. You can hand tag someone to count as a melee hit (great for close quarters when you don't want to shoot point-blank)
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