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    B.U.C.T. (Backwoods Un-Capped Tagging) is an extremely high fps club that hosts woodland games on public land off-trail and out of sight of the general public. Gameplay at B.U.C.T. tends to be highly competitive with a focus on practicality and high performance over goofy antics, role play, or milsim when it comes to gear and play styles.

    Game modes at B.U.C.T. all employ a standard core ruleset in addition to a straightforward game objective but are otherwise very open ended in order to allow for advanced and novel strategies which combined with constantly changing locations provides a unique challenge for players. These elements encourage and reward players for working together along with adding the necessary variety to prevent games from becoming repetitive.

    Games are open to the public for anyone over the age of 18 but all players must accept responsibility for both their own safety and the safety of others and act accordingly. Please read the standard ruleset before attending your first game for further information on safety and gear requirements. The terrain at B.U.C.T. can vary significantly from one game location to another but all players are recommended to wear durable weather-appropriate clothing that they don't mind getting dirty or even potentially damaging as rain, snow, mud, rocks, and thick vegetation are all things that may be encountered in some locations.

    There are high performance blasters, magazines, and darts available in a community "loaner bin" for a dozen or so players at each game. You do not need to own or have any prior high fps blaster experience in order to attend B.U.C.T. games. When new players show up for a game day time is always be set aside before the games start in order to help prepare new players by familiarizing them with gear, gameplay, and safety in addition to answering any questions or making any accommodations if necessary.

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  • B.U.C.T. Standard Ruleset

    Gear and Equipment:

    • Eye protection must be worn at all times during gameplay
    • Face protection is optional
    • Protective gear, tactical gear, and overly thick or padded clothing is not allowed to be worn above the waist
    • Only soft tip darts that do not contain metal or other potentially dangerous components are allowed


    • The only way to tag out a player is by directly shooting them with a foam dart fired from a blaster. Melee, words (such as shouting “bang”), and non foam projectiles do not count as a tag
    • Directly hitting something on a player’s person (defined as anything that travels with a player when a player moves including blasters or any other objects they are carrying) counts as a tag
    • Darts which have already struck another object and changed direction (such as ricochet or bounce) before hitting a player do not count as a tag
    • Tags only count if the player being tagged feels, sees, hears, or otherwise perceives a hit on themselves or something on their person
    • Disputes are not allowed and hits which are not perceived by their target do not count as tags.
    • In the extremely unlikely event that you manage to catch a dart that was fired by an opposing player but has not yet struck a player or object (I.e. not a ricochet or bounce shot) then you are not tagged out and the player who fired the shot is tagged out instead
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