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    Adult-oriented foam flinging - we started out in Comal, Hays, and Guadalupe counties but have grown past that.

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    1. Don’t be a dick. (Wheaton’s Law)
    2. Safety first. Safety eyewear required at all times. Removing your glasses or mask during a round is an automatic tag. Repeated offenses will result in being kicked out of the game.

    Blasters must obviously be toys. Orange tips are highly recommended.

    Use common sense with clothing - nothing that will alarm the public.

    Parents, you are responsible for your kids. Anyone under 14 must be accompanied by an adult.

    No intentional headshots.

    If there is something unsafe during a round, call out HOLD. All players should repeat HOLD until everyone stops playing.

    No gel balls, period. No Hyper rounds, 50 cal foam balls, etc.outdoors.

    No HPA blasters. CO2 and modded LPA blasters must be approved ahead of time.

    1. General courtesy Don’t handle someone else’s blasters without permission.

    Everyone participates in dart sweeps.

    Don’t move the bunkers or other game items (unless it’s a goal of the game).

    1. Combat rules: If you or something you’re wearing/carrying is hit by a dart, you’re tagged.

    When tagged, a player must put his hand or weapon above his head and immediately move to a respawn point.

    Take your tags. If someone calls a tag on you, take the tag. No arguments.

    Weapons (in hand) and shields protect you from normal ammo and melee weapons.

    Medium ammo (such as a mega dart) is penetrating. A hit on a weapon or shield with medium ammo tags the player.

    Large ammo (such as a rocket) is destroying. A hit on a weapon or shield with large ammo tags the player and makes the shield or weapon unusable for the rest of that game.

    1. Respawns When tagged, a player must put his hand or weapon above his head and immediately move to a respawn point.

    A player can reload after being tagged out, switch blasters, etc.

    A player who has been tagged out cannot talk to other players on the field.

    If there is a respawn time, the player must count it out loud after they have entered the respawn point.

    At the end of the count or otherwise ready to respawn, a player must loudly announce “respawn”.

    1. Ammo, shield, and melee rules: Normal ammo includes Nerf darts, half darts, Rival ammo, Boomco, and Ultra darts. No “full vinyl jackets” or other ammo with hard tips. Vortex discs score tags on ricochets.

    Medium ammo includes Mega darts, Nerf arrows, ballistic and Koosh balls, and thrown weapons.

    Large ammo includes Demolisher rockets, Mega XL darts, and Titan missiles.

    Thrown weapons must be made entirely of foam. No exceptions. Thrown weapons are (usually) considered medium ammo. Thrown weapons need to fit a theme. “Rolled socks” is not a theme. Thrown weapons score a tag on a bounce or ricochet . Shields (scenario dependent) Anyone can use a small shield (2 sq. ft. or less). No weapon limitations

    Anyone using a large shield (up to 8 sq. ft) is limited to melee and non-magfed pistols with 10 or less shots and/or a single-shot large blaster (a “bazooka”).

    Shields ignore small ammo. Medium ammo tags out the shield bearer, but he can respawn with the shield. Large ammo tags out the bearer and destroys the shield; he respawns without the shield.

    Shields must be made of plastic, foam, rubber, etc, or the edges must be covered with foam at least 1” thick.

    A fully foam shield can be used as a melee weapon. It must be 100% foam and declared before the game starts.

    Melee (game mode dependent)

    No full force swings!

    Melee weapons should be safe and must be inspected and approved before each game.

    Nerf weapons and similar weapons are allowed, except for some of the Fortnite weapons.

    Boffer weapons - Core of fiberglass or PVC (no wood or metal). Minimum of 5/8" closed cell foam on all exposed surfaces. Recommended at least 1” on striking surfaces. Stabbing or piercing tips must have at least 4” closed cell foam. LARP weapons

    Large melee weapons/swords may NOT be thrown. Smaller weapons with no core or a very flexible core can be thrown, on a case-by-case basis.

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