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      Southern Ontario superstock nerf wars! Check out our summer wars at Donview Middle School.

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    • GENERAL -Don’t be a jerk. This is much less of a rule and more of just being a decent person. If you are being a jerk or all around unpleasant person to play with you will be asked to leave. We are all here to have fun, so try not to ruin it. -Moderator's decisions are final. Please respect them as they are trying to keep the games running smoothly as well as keep everyone safe. -Players under the age of 13 must have a parent/guardian present at all times. -Eye protection is REQUIRED. No ifs, ands, or buts. Bring your own, though we may have some available. -Do not touch or use other people’s gear without explicit permission. -If a game halt is called, stop playing immediately. Usually it will be for non-players in the vicinity or an injury that needs to be tended to. -Play fair. Nerf is all about having fun and cheating does not promote that. Call your own hits, take your hits if someone calls it on you, play by the rules of the game. -A hit is any projectile (dart/ball/rocket/missile/sock bomb/etc.) that hits a player’s body, clothing or gear that they are carrying (including blaster). -Projectiles must be launched from a blaster or appropriate device. Sock bombs are excluded and may be thrown by hand. -A projectile only counts against the first player/object they hit, ricochets do not count as a hit. -TANG provides full length darts, half length darts and Rival ammo at our games. Mega, MegaXL, Rockets and Vortex are also acceptable ammo types but you’ll need to provide your own ammo. Any blaster that fires some other type of projectile will need to be approved by a moderator before use. -Nerf Hyper rounds and Valken “foam paintballs” are not allowed at outdoor events. Melee weapons are not permitted.

      BLASTERS -Blasters must fire at or below the appointed FPS cap of each event (over a 5 shot average). -All blasters must be appropriately colored for use in a public space. They must have a brightly colored tip as well as be mostly brightly colored. -No laser pointers -No blaster mounted shields -No blaster mounted melee weapons -In the case of an after dark event, blaster mounted flashlights are ok but strobing flashlights are prohibited. -HPA is banned from our public park events. HPA may be permitted at private field events.

      PISTOLS We will occasionally have "pistol rounds" at our events with the intent that we can play another quick round without having to wait for people to reload magazines. Some game modes may also be “pistols only”. "Pistols" are defined as a blaster which; -Does not use detachable magazines. AND -Has capacity of 12 or fewer shots.

      SHIELDS -Shield wielders can only be armed with pistols(as defined above). -If your shield is struck with an elite dart/half dart/rival ball it does not count as a tag. -If your shield is struck with a throwable/demolisher rocket/mega/megaXL it is considered a tag and the shield wielding player must go re-spawn. -Thrown demolisher rocket/mega/megaXL darts do not count as a tag. -Shields cannot have a hole or port through which you can fire your blaster. -Shields cannot have a surface area larger than 8sq ft. -No shield bashing or shield throwing. Shields are not weapons. -Shields must be held in the hand OR mounted to your forearm(Captain America style) to be used as a shield. Shields affixed to your shoulder, back or on other parts of your body do not count as a shield.

      THROWABLES Throwables are items which can be thrown to either break a shield or tag an opposing player. Any object which features rigid build materials (plastic, metal, wood, etc) are not permitted as “throwables”. Here are two examples of acceptable throwable objects: -Soft foam objects such as stress balls. -“Sock Bombs” must be constructed only of tightly balled up socks. A single 1” wrap of either cloth tape or soft sided velcro (loops) may be added to the sock bomb for attaching to gear or keeping the sock tight. If you make your sock bombs from used socks, please wash them before turning them into sock bombs <3

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