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Dart Zone Pro MK-2 by fullmetalvixxen

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Dart zone pro mk2 with a suite of fixes and tweaks, including a improved trigger return, reinforced replacement trigger, and spectre arms mk2 compression barrel in addition to a deprime removal.

the external kit is the AKBM holo sight and barrel shroud.

160 fps
Single Shot
  • Kryossekryosse5 Months Ago

    Love that body kit I have one on my MK-2 as well. Is the Spectre barrel the same length as stock? I'm not too familiar with all of Spectre's products but I know the MK-2 does already have a compression barrel, is his brass? I'm just surprised you're pushing all the way to 160fps on the stock spring, even if it is a brass barrel. Cool work though may have to give that part a try myself.

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