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Manatee V6

Manatee V6 by brandondiaz

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Manatee was kind enough to send me a kit for the Manatee V6 just before my kid was born, but then he was born, so I'm just now getting around to actually building it. I had considerable issues with my tolerances so the bars required some one-on-one time with the belt sander, but once they fit assembly was very simple and straightforward.

After spending some range time with it, it feels great, trigger is snappy, but it clashes with my existing playstyle. In particular I can't bring the sight up to my left eye easily, and the rear weight requires management and prevents me from transitioning shoulders.

I'll have to research bullpup techniques and see how people typically handle those things and make some adjustments to my set.

150 fps
Single Shot
1300mAh 3S 11.1V Battery (80C Rating)
1st Stage
Dual Stage Cage at 33mm with Pulsars and OOD Krakens motors
2nd Stage
Dual Stage Cage at 33mm with Pulsars and OOD Krakens motors
  • Sillybuttssillybutts1 Year Ago

    Very nice.

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