Gryphon "Tally-Ho!" Gen 2

Gryphon by mrbones9114

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Current version of my gryphon (soon to be upgraded with a carbine barrel and new wheels). Key features are the removal of the N-Strike stock attachment point in favor of the battery stock, decorative iron sights, and the blaster's name on the fake suppressor

Basically replaced the whole thing with cleaner 3d printed parts this time in purple and used the same method to paint it First blaster to have parts printed off my own ender 3 such as the grips as before I didn't have one and Brad the host of the SCNC sold both to me

Hits 130 with OOD Krakens and Daybreak wheels

War footage with it can be found here - SENC Nerf War #84 - SCNC War In The Woods

130 fps
Single Shot
1st Stage
Cage at 39.5mm with Daybreaks and OOD Krakens motors
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