Pistol Crossbow

3D Printed Blaster By ZerobladeNL

A nerf pistol crossbow that takes talon mags. The hinges can be pieces of filament or toothpicks or the like, they don't need to be very strong, they don't bear much of a load. Use an elite darthead as the magrelease spring. All parts print without supports, but there's a few bridges in there that might need sanding depending on the tune of your printer Edit1: widened the front of the base part, now it doesn't need bow arms anymore, you can just loop a band through the hole at the front. Also added a new pic to show this eit2: removed part of the grip for a lot shorter print times and better ergonomics, added a front piece for the looks, removed the indent for bow arms (since people didn't seem to like the idea of bow arms anyway, still possible to attach some though), closed the back of the slide a bit more, changed the magrelease part to keep the webbing of your thumb out of the slide a bit better. on short; every part was changed

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CC BY 4.0
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