3D Printed Blaster By ZerobladeNL

This kit makes turns your zuru xshot micro into the smallest pump action magfed halfdart blaster yet. Uses two M4x30 screws and nuts (or nearest size equivalent for non-metric countries) and two rubber bands tied together to hold it all together and function. Only modifications to the xshot micro needed are:

  1. take out or shorten the dart peg to make it able to fire halfdarts
  2. mount backstop part to priming bar (see pics for details)
  3. grind or file the ribs on the front of the blaster to a smooth angle (see pics for detail) This kit uses an elite dart head for a magazine release spring and a short piece of filament for magazine release hinge. I recommend the holes for that hinge to be drilled with a 2mm drill to make the filament hinge fit smoothly. Some sanding might be required to smoothe some edges, but shouldn't be necessary for operation No supports are needed for printing To prime the blaster, angle the shell up rougly 10 degrees, push it back, let it slide forward and back into place. It can be used as a pump-action prime or a top slide prime. If you use a longer bolt in the front you can even prime it bolt-action style. Happy blasting!
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