3D Printed Blaster By willumpie

I'm planning some new features ETA ~autumn '17 Modified housing (include dart chamber part into main body) Dart sensors (IR) (more precise movement, currently hardcoded in software) Additional pre-trigger button to spin up the wheels before fire (or keep spinning) Body version for other motor size(s) (e.g 1106) progress update 16 Dec. 2016 hereby I'll publish my firmware, I'm not a professional programmer so go easy on it ;) progress update 15 Dec. 2016 Moved from ESP8266 to Teensy3.2 (cortex M4), Progress on firmware is good, everything finally works (on teensy), code need some polishing. I'll create a Git-hub for all the source files soon 208-GT2 belt still underway, current 200-GT2 is to short. I will release the accesoiry top mount soon Inspired by the works of JesseKovarovics FDL-1 & FDL-2, I designed my own dart launcher. It is will probably receive some small modifications and the firmware is far from finised, currently writing the firmware for an ESP8266, but waiting for an i2C IO extender (ESP is short on IO) it can run on an Arduino but because of the PWM signals, the Ardiuno runs short on clock ticks (16Mhz) shopping list: Controlling Setting (Controls via 3 buttons, Menu, Plus & Minus) launch mode (Single, Double, Triple, Full Auto) launch speed (0-100%)

clip size (countdown)

this design is work in progress, most parts already works. soon i will make the sourcecode & design files available (Solidworks)

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