Metric Talon Claw

3D Printed Blaster By walterw

I wasn't able to source those "American" components for 55samba's Talon Claw - and got most of the components from a local (Italian) home improvement store instead. Of course they didn't fit, so I made the 3D files fit. I'm sharing my experience and the modified 3d files so some of you might have an easier time than me. 55samba, thank you for the TC3 and for having changed the license! Bill of Materials

PVC drain pipe OD 40mm ID 36mm, 147mm long e.g.

2x O-Ring ID 31mm OD 36mm (d 2.5mm) e.g.

Electric pipe, PVC, OD16, 318mm

1x O-Ring that fits ram&electric pipe ~ 12x1mm (Taken from a 200 pcs o-ring kit)

2x ~1cm tension springs (from a kit, again)

1m aluminum bar 11.5x2mm e.g.

some (ca. 1.5m) threaded rod m5: 6x 235mm (try before cutting!)

m5 nuts (n standard, 4 self-locking, 1 bar connector nut)

some (<1m) 7mm PVC pipe (sits tighter on the threaded rod than the 8x1 aluminum pipe)

spring 1.5X20X205mm spring, cut to about 165mm: stronger than a stock Nerf Blaster, but possibly too weak for you. 1.8X20X305mm spring, cut to about 165mm: greater! Kicks way too hard for playing with kids, but feels great. I got this one: don't get a K25, it is too large! But a 2.0x20x305mm spring should work, if it is not coiled too tightly.

1 flat, broad o-ring as shock absorber on the ram base

pins: clipped-off 1.8mm nails

screws for aluminum bars: M5x10

takedown pins: M4x48

screws: spax, countersunk 3x16mm cut to 10-12mm, don't remember. some screws were longer, some with flat had - depending if the hole was countersunk or not. the screws that hold together the butt plate are even smaller 3D Printing print all the parts I think I forgot to resize 2 slots for m5 nuts, the rest should fit perfectly the ram should be printed out of Nylon, if you can. I broke it twice when made out of ABS print the missing pieces from the original tc3: handle, trigger, sear, tguard, lower mag + release, rail above plunger pipe (v3) the lower mag is not perfect: you'll need to file the part that intersects with the plunger pipe. sorry, I haven't got the file ready yet. optional: "iron" sights, pyrangle foregrip, handle insert if you want the sliding stock, print the pieces in the zip file. the files there replace similarly named files from outside the zip archive - kiri, spring holder and butt cap. Assembly Assembly is the same as for the original. Shoot Have fun. Don't try to pull out the mag when the breach is not completely open/the fore grip is not pulled back!!

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CC BY-SA 3.0
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