Hippogryph Alternator

3D Printed Blaster By spudrogue

Everything Should fit fairly well on this, Assemble the stock, mag wells, and spar first and pin together. Then run your wires and attach the fly covers to the spar to hold them in. There are wire channels to go top or bottom into the stock. If you want to use the power grip version you will need to shoehorn a 12v relay into the back of the stock, I had to cut the cover off of the relay and mount it upside down with the tabs also cut down to make it fit. The 1 x gear will give you alternating fire while the 2x will be more like full auto 2rd burst. I use a worker stryfe auto kit from Out Of Darts It has metal gears and the kit comes with the spring I used for the right and left pushers, Plus a mosfet, and The small microswitch used to activate the relay. Other than that normal gryphon building supplies. Only 130 motors unless you make the motor covers bigger. parts are not orientated for printing I look forward to seeing your builds EXCELSIOR!! EDIT: the hole is missing in stock right for the right pusher spring. You will need to drill a small hole. I have added a pic to show.

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