Project ADHD

3D Printed Blaster By SpectreArmaments

This is a WIP of the Project from Spectre Armaments known as ADHD - Any-Duty Half-Dart blaster. It is an HPA printable shell for the SUPER core (from Spectre Armaments) assembly. This assembly does not feature any machined components, only those that require printing. Parts list can be found here: If the link doesn't work, copy-paste it into a new tab to access the spreadsheet. All links in the sheet should work. UPDATE (11th January 2020): BARREL and COVER files have had minor changes to improve structural integrity upon printing - the BARREL will now interface with the GRIP using small (~14mm) offcuts of the 4mm brass rod in the parts list, whereas previously there were printed lugs (which have proven to not be strong enough). COVER has had some material added to improve print integrity at the front pin interface. Both BARREL and COVER have had a PICATINNY option added to allow users to add their own sight if desired. These are independent files so you can still print the rail-less versions if you desire. Other changes have been reflected in these files also. UPDATE (20th February 2020): ALL MAJOR BODY FILES HAVE HAD EDITS. Pin locations between the MAG/GRIP files and COVER/BARREL files have been shifted for stronger printing, and more material has been removed from the trigger recession to allow easier assembly. Ribs have been added to the back of the magwell to accommodate rubber bands like Slug's original design intended. A small hex deboss has been added to the inside of the magwell to run an M3 nut once the print is finished. Should make that section considerably stronger too, as now there is no risk of stripping threads. UPDATE (9 July 2020): All front BARREL files have had their receiver bore increased from 20.05mm to 20.2mm to accommodate the new brass receiver design, which is slightly larger OD than the V3's aluminium receiver. This is due to material used - the brass is turned down from 7/8" stock while the aluminium came as 19.9mm stock. I have also added a "250" handguard which should be printable on beds that have at least 250mm length in one direction - it's a longer variant of the Picatinny handguard that shrouds your choice of barrel even more than before. I'm not personally a fan of this but I was asked to make one for a friend and thought I might as well share the file. UPDATE (15 July 2020): fixed a hole misplacement on the BARREL file that meant it wasn't in-line with the mounting hole on the main body. Whoops! Sorry about that. UPDATE (6 March 2021): added 2mm extra thickness to back of grip on the bottle-on version to accommodate extra strength where the MJVO-3's inlet push-fit goes. Have had reports of a few prints breaking at that point.

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