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3D Printed Blaster By Radblasters

I havent been active in the hobby for a while, so i figured it was time to release this open source. The original 15mm solenoid blaster! up to 250 fps possible! Build guild here (video was shot for the single stage, but most of the steps still apply) mosfet boards i use for solenoid
Solenoid (make sure to choose the 15mm size) Trigger switch Rev Switch (or the like) Wire (or the like) Screws: Most of the blaster will be able to be assembled using any #6 1/2in. screw of your preference You will need 2x M2 6mm screws for the small trigger microswitch and 2x #4 3/4in for the rev switch Motors: Ideal setup would be first stage OOD Kraken or MTB Neo Rhino Second stage ideal is FTW merlin, or Fang ReVamped as a 2nd option... MTB Honey Badgers would be 3rd best option Flywheels: Ideally your choice of Daybreak or Foam Proshop Twilight. I have not built the dual stage with any other wheel, so results may vary if you do. i do not recommend using any other wheel than those. Print Settings: 3 perimiters, 20% infill for most parts Brace and Cage you will want to jump up to 40% infill or more Not-so apparent print orienations can be found on the included JPEG F3z /Step file: Included is CAD which includes "naked" aka... non-rad body files. This is so folks who do not enjoy my 90s stylings can create their own version. If you choose to use these files, be advised I Have made a few minor revisions to the STLs to "rad-ify" them. There may be some minor fitment issues if you choose to use the CAD over the STL. Your best bet would be to check for interference in your software before printing. Ex. the best performing cage is in the STLs, so you will want to import that into your cad to adjust the related covers. general advice: The resulting FPS of your build will come down to your hardware choices and ability to balance/ align your flywheels. I cannot gaurantee your FPS numbers other than to say You will certainly be close to 220fps using the hardware recommendations listed here if you are able to install your flywheels properly. I am happy to help troubleshoot if you have any issues License: By using these files, you are granted unlimited use for personal builds. No selling, no remixes without creditation

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