Talon Fang

3D Printed Blaster By Racerethan

Edit 5-2-21: Removed 2 nubs near the main grip beavertail. Edit 2-13-20: Fixed buttplate to not have the line in the tube part. Edit 1-29-20: Fixed trigger slop and wobble with Some Dingus's trigger remix dimensions. Edit 12-21-20: Added Uppermag, rambase, trenchc, TC Kiri, extended spring back and Milan couplers to the files. Added info about extended spring option with the TC Kiri and extended spring back. Edit 10-8-20: Revised trigger and sear to make it reliably catch better and to reduce trigger slop. Also made the front grip not collide with the muzzle or trenchc parts. Edit 9-25-20: Added a lower magwell that looks like the regular talon claw magwell. This magwell only works with grips that are forward shifted like the CS pyrangle foregrip. Edit 9-16-20: Decreased size of 4-40 holes in K T releases and t guard. The old holes can still use M3 screws if printed already. Edit 7-7-20: Renamed the plunger file When the talon fang became a reality. A 14.25~ inch blaster based on the Talon fang concept by Olaveta It also retains takedown functionality. The mag releases and tguard have holes to screw 4-40 screws as mag release spring pegs. If using the TC Kiri part with the files, use longer back threaded rods, and use the 788/K93 spring (4.5 inches) as a start for springs. Still looking for more options. -Hardware Plunger tube cut to 97.86mm or 3.853 inches Ramcore shortened to 3.5 inches. A FF vanguard ramcore also works as a sealed breach option. Spring of some kind. I use a K31 cut to 135.25mm or 5.325 inches as a starter. K25 Is really hard to prime. I think that k26 wouldn't work due to the priming weight. I will update this section on springs that do or don't fit with what I have. Fit: Stock Kronos spring K31 spring Alpha Trooper OMW 5kg? 788/K93 with TCKiri installed. 4.5 inches Dont fit Longshot spring Retaliator spring 788/K93 spring in standard configuration OOD 9kg retaliator spring, probably all upgraded retaliator springs Darzone MK2 stock spring and OOD low strength spring. 3 back threaded rods need to be cut to 6 1/4 inches. 1 top front threaded rod needs to be 6 3/4 inches. 2 front bottom threaded rods need to be 6 inches. Front spacers need to be cut to 107.75mm or 4.24 inches Priming bars need to be cut from the 2nd priming bar hole. An stl is provided that explains the cut better. Barrel cut to 5.5 inches at a minimum Some extra 4-40 screws FPS averages: average of 109 fps with 10 half bamboo darts with a 5.325 K31 and a 4 7/8 1/2 ID petg barrel. average of 129.9 fps with 10 AF Pro darts with a OWM 5kg alpha trooper spring? and a 7 inch 1/2 ID petg barrel average of 84.9 fps with 20 Dart Zone sureshot darts with a stock Kronos spring and a stock nexus barrel (5.75" .527 barrel) Credit to Olaveta for the basic framework for this projecthttps://www.reddit.com/r/Nerf/comments/emhqwu/talon_fang_a_32cm_caliburn_mod/

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