NTE Series 2.0

3D Printed Blaster By noreason

The NTE Series 2.0 is the second revision to the NTE platform and fixes a few of the problems with the original. NTE is a half length, T pull blaster that functions similarly to Taffy's Skewer. CHANGES (compared to 1.0) -Rambase now uses Taffy's excellent 'sunburst' design which gives it an insane improvement in durability. -Muzzle redesigned to look a little better and now takes nuts instead of self-tapping screws, which means the barrel actually should stay in. -Various parts are now skeletonized but should still print fine with minimal support. This blaster is still a mysterious beast and i would rather waste less filament while testing it. -Small changes to rambase and o ring slots to make it stay locked into the threaded rod better and retain the ramrod. -Grip prints horizontally. -New T pull, if it doesn't work use the old one. Intended to print at a 45 degree angle on the angled flat piece. The trigger still has some funny issues so i would recommend making sure it prints well. FIRING DEMO (1.0)-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZOfkD8dxHKk HARDWARE LIST-https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ISFzQ0_F05KoUkljwyMoXdUm3yjPJDhgNyWZ_ZSLl04/edit?usp=sharing PRINT GUIDE- [a bit outdated] https://docs.google.com/document/d/1CR13LufGCSV5lCAoPf_d2X5k9qigaVPrxjqONwb8Ef8/edit?usp=sharing BUILD GUIDE [outdated] https://docs.google.com/document/d/18kN5zD2rHf-_SyPsZe56Yjw-nz96UgRm0ShDuR58Ylo/edit?usp=sharing PERFORMANCE- this blaster is capable of taking various spring combinations, i've tried K25 and K26 threaded together and gotten 260+ fps on full lengths. The catch can be iffy however, maybe print two in case one wears down. REVISIONS- -10/20/21 added STEP file.

If you have issues or stuff to say i'm available on reddit (u/Zealous_Echo93) and discord (@noreason#4172).

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