Lil Hyper V3

3D Printed Blaster By noreason

The refined and upsized Lil Hyper V3 is finally here! The improved blaster now has a larger grip, more styling cues from the Rush-40, and... A TRIGGER. HARDWARE: Should be functional using most of the nitefinder's stock hardware. However, it may require trimming the original springs or using different ones for the trigger and catch. I find a strongarm catch spring works reasonably well for the trigger. ASSEMBLY:

Print both halves on the flat side with supports on. Make sure your bed is leveled properly (mine sure isn't) so as to prevent warping (which is extremely prominent on the muzzle of mine) Print the trigger without supports.

Clean up and trim the shell and internals, making sure that every part fits properly. If you want, you can test everything with only the right half and trigger printed. Secure the trigger using the nitefinder's original trigger screw or any similar screw with a flat metal bit on the end. Dremel the fin and other protrusions on the front muzzle until it fits in the shell alongside the plunger tube.

Put the two halves of the shell together. The plunger tube may require further securing, and the catch area will probably require a bit of trimming.

Enjoy. OTHER STUFF: I can't say anything on ranges, as they're dependent both on the state of tune of the internals you put in and the actual prints. However, mine can hit what seems to be around standard Elite with an upgrade spring and an atrocious air seal. Step files are available, and modifications of the files are encouraged. I'll be making a skeletonized version soon for those who are willing to compromise on aesthetics in exhange for an easier print. Honestly, I never expected for this platform to make it as far as it did. Thanks to everyone for the feedback and support on this. Now bring up that slicer and get printing!

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