"Lil Hyper"

3D Printed Blaster By noreason

READ THIS-->Now that Hyper is actually out, this blaster is now obsolete in terms of design. Please be aware of that before making this. This is a functional mini-model based off of a concept picture for the JAB-40 blaster. It uses a Nitefinder plunger tube and rod, along with a few standard nerf screws (I recommend longer ones). To fire, you simply pull back the handle and release (THERE IS NO CATCH). This blaster is not recommended for anyone with large hands (or regular-sized hands either). Link to the concept drawing: https://nerf2020-and-beyond.fandom.com/wiki/Jab_40 Instructions:

After printing, remove the supports from the plunger area. Trim the front and back notches until the plunger fits somewhat snugly between the halves. (There may be a gap)

Trim down the front barrel of the plunger tube so that it fits inside the muzzle.

Unscrew the plunger head from the rod and remove the catch piece. Put the rod back in and close the blaster halves. (If your printer has severe elephant's foot there will be trimming required to make it fit)

Screw together the halves (you don't need to use every screw hole, i recommend at least using the two furthest back and the two furthest forward. (If your printer has severe elephant's foot there will be trimming required)

Enjoy your new inaccurate hyper blaster. no thanks to dadjokes because he didn't want it

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