Nirodha HPA Bullpup

3D Printed Blaster By Nirodha

Hello Nerf fans! If you like Nerf, HPA, bullpups and making your own blasters... this might be for you! To Those who have been following me on insta, reddit or YouTube and have been patiently waiting for these files to be shared: Thank you once more for your patience! You are looking at a fully self contained semi automatic HPA 'bottle on board' nerf blaster capable of firing half length darts as fast as you can pull the trigger with a range of velocities from 130 FPS (with a ported barrel at around 40 psi) to all the way to well above 250 FPS (with a brass lined solid barrel and around 50 psi). At 40 psi set pressure the 13ci on board tank filled to 3000 PSI will give you north of 200 shots from the blaster. Mind you: this is an HPA powered blaster meant for competitive nerf events where people play nerf as a sport. Not a regular toy! Only build one of these under strict supervision of or as an adult. Also make sure you abide by all your local laws and regulations and never ever bring one of these out in public. If (and only if) legal in your country take these from and to the games you attend (on private propperty only!) in a bag with the HPA tank not connected to the blaster. Do not use this blaster to harm or threaten other people and/or hurt animals. When in doubt... ask your local law enforcement. Now... when you still want to build one of these. The following will help: Link to a wonderfull breakdown video by Andrew G on YT showing how to put this blaster together: Link to store where you can buy everything you need: Besides the printed components you'll need: A super core (built and sold by Liam Davis a.k.a Bang Spectre Armaments) Alternatively in the near future a SNIPER core which will be interchangeable (and will feature a normally open breech) One of Liam's brass lined custom barrels. He can make it the perfect length for this blaster. A receiver (also by Liam) for the SUPER or SNIPER core's bolt. Normally your core comes with one as far as I am aware. If your receiver is a V3 you will need a 3D printed funnel piece inserted inside to help feed Worker G3 darts (Dean from Blastertech made and shared one on thingiverse) Atleast 1 First Strike 13ci HPA tank with a HERO reg As the second stage regulator you will need a 'Empire Relay On/Off ASA regulator' A custom coupler to go from the second stage reg to a 1/8" push in connector Mindmann MVHF-3P-NO-G (European Clippard MJVO-3 NO analog) Less than a meter of 6mm OD pneumatic hose 3x FESTO Push in fitting Male G1-8 6mm (in grip) 1x Legris push to connect threaded elbow 1/8'' BSPP to 6 mm 3199-06-10 (for core) 1x Legris push-to-connect stem elbow 6mm hose to 6 mm stem 3184-06-00 (need to cut down the stem to make the return as tight as possible to the core. Plug it in without cutting down first.. measure the distance... cut off the distance from the stem... sorted!) a longshot catch spring (trigger return) a longshot standard stock lock mechanism return spring (mag release return) atleast 25 or so Jeveka SP1500M00030000 brass M3 inserts (which ought to be pressed into the 3D printed parts with a soldering iron (heat them up intill they go in smoothly). Check the STEP file of the entire assmebly for the exact number and location. Also alternative inserts can be used... you might have to change the holes to accomodate them) 2x Socket Countersunk head Screw M3x16 DIN 7991 (bridge between magwell and grip) 3x Socket Countersunk head Screw M3x12 DIN 7991 (mag stop & grip) 11x Socket Head Thin Cap Screw M3x12 DIN7984 4x Socket Set Screw Cup Point DIN 916 M3x5 (barrel spacers/holders)) 4x Socket Countersunk Head Screw DIN7991 M3x8 (grip) 2x Socket Button Head Screw ISO 7380 M5x30 (mount second stage reg) 2x washer small M5 (mount second stage reg) 2x Domed Cap Nut DIN1587 M5 (mount second stasge reg) a 2mm metal pin or nail cut down to size (mag release axis) sandpaper (make things fit) epoxy or 3D printed parts glue (to glue the monocoque together) patience! Many things downt fit straight away... take your time to look at why and sand down parts as you need to) A bunch of worker Talon mags... this blaster does not take any other mags! A bunch of darts A means of pressurizing your hpa tank Tools (mainly screwdrivers, allen keys and wrenches) All these parts can be sourced here: optionall parts for the blaster: a Worker Vertical Foregrip a Vector Optics Mustang 1.5-4x30 scope alternatively (and I prefer this option) a holosight Tactical flip-up sights (Magpull style) Magpul style slingmount(s) that attach to the picatinny A Magpull style single to two point sling(hybrid) A scar (I have a 6 string orange Delrin scar made by Spectre to fit my custom (non ported) barrel) Thanks again for your interest in this blaster! I truly hope some of you will attempt to build one. And ofcourse I hope you will enjoy the blaster. If you have constructive feedback, questions or remarks.. you can always contact me and I will do my best to answer as soon as I can. I might do some upgrades on the design in the future. I am still testing it myself. Lastly I would once again like to thank Dennis, Liam, the DNC, my followers on Reddit, Insta and Youtube and anyone else who has supported me throughout this process. You guys are awsome!

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