3D Printed Blaster By Mr_Crane

FDLR-2 - Rival adaption for the Project FDL-2 blaster This is my adaptation of the Project FDL, FDL-2 blaster to allow it to shoot Nerf Rival HIR ammo and accept Rival magazines First off, credit to Project FDL for creating the original blaster and also to Captain Slug, whos Rival Caliburn magwell I used. This is very much a work in progress - my CAD skills are very limited and everything so far has been made using TinkerCAD and then cleaned up on SketchUp. The parts have been designed so they are a straight swap for those already on the FDL-2 and should work with both the 2+ and 2X. I do not own an FDL-2 so have been unable to test certain aspects of the parts, the magwell / mag release functions properly and I believe the original pusher is long enough, though it may need extending a few mm. The flywheels are completley untested and are only what I think would work... Parts: FWC Top

FWC Bottom (Both of these parts are the originals with a wider hole bored out down the centre, The muzzle has also been enlarged to prevent the screw threads from protruding into the barrel)

Magwell Mag Release (A pin is required to hold the mag release in place, this should be the same pin used by Captain Slug on his Rival Caliburn magwell, a return spring is also required)

Mag Release Retention Dowel (I have yet to add this but its just a dowel to fit the hole, not pretty but it works...)

Flywheel Smooth Flywheel Serrated (On both these flywheel designs I have kept the original spacing but have changed the concavity to fit that of a Rival ball) Currently the cable covers are missing, I have not yet had time to change them to fit. I would very much love to see this project come to life but I am at the end of my ability with the small set of CAD skills I have and I do not have the funds to buy an FDL-2 - please print, test and improve this design and make the FDLR a reality! If you're interested in my general Nerf activities, my facebook page can be found here:https://www.facebook.com/MrCraneNerf/ Thank you! Mr.Crane

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