3D Printed Blaster By MisterHeathPants

The long awaited Pigeon Sequel! This is the Mk8, the same semiautomatic gripfed flywheel pistol that you know and love but completely revised, remade, and packed full of features. Seriously, it's packed. -Toolless disassembly -Blowback/Recoil action -Full Talon support -Solid frame and slide construction -Less hardware needed -Improved ergonomics -Minor reduction in size -Larger battery capacity -Tac Rail option All of the files are contained in a zip folder with the date, so for future reference, revisions, additions (that don't merit a whole new thing) will be handled in the same way. You download everything again at the latest date. This is a little bit complex to assemble, but once put together it can be field stripped, with no need for a screwdriver to take out the battery or access the internals. Printing is essentially the same as before, but if you're experiencing warping, try slowing the print down. This is especially critical on the slide, as it's printed upwards with two walls that can warp and that will make it difficult to use. This can be printed on a Prusa or and Ender3... anything with a 220mm bed, but you'll have to go into the build layer adhesion setting and choose none. I recommend printing the Slide solid, and the frame with 3+ walls. Basically, choose which mag ecosystem you're going to use, and then use the appropriate parts and folder. The Recoil blowback is universal, the geared is not, so choose accordingly. The parts list is pending some change, because I've recently updated the blowback system to have a recoil/snap system, and that change uses different parts. The geared blowback system uses McMaster 9657k296 for the trigger. If using the geared blowback, you'll also need an m2.6 washer screw to hold the big gear in place. The recoil blowback trigger can use 9657k298, but I have not physically tested that to see if it's strong enough. The mag release is 9657k295, a short sort of wide spring. You'll probably have to super glue whatever spring you use into the katana mag release. The Talon release may not need that. The recoil catch needs to be under .25" wide and only a few coils. If it's too strong the trigger will not reset. You can likely cut a piece off another spring to make this work, but you'll probably have to test it. There is space to fit a compression spring in the front of the slide and barrel for the slide return, but I've been unable to find a spring the right size, cheap, and weak enough. In the rear, instead, there is room to hook a rubber band or an extension spring over the slide and into the pusher mount. Personally, I've found the rubber band to be cheap, effective, and easy to use. Other than those important things to note, you'll need m2x4 motor screws (as well as grip scales) and m2.6 self tapping for some places. The slide safety may need a shorter screw, but same 2.6 size. You'll need motors (MTB Honeybadgers are my recommendation) and FTW flywheels, as well. You can buy one built and ready to go here: https://blogderrikksun.com/product/dessert-pigeon-mk8/?fbclid=IwAR3HUPF3pDwJdQhY7Uq3a5cYTvt1wchlBrMH-kor3sOKirixRX0CkE3f-aM with Hardware kits probably available in the near future. I do get a portion of the sales, and I fully endorse buying from this shop. 8/24: Discovered problems in the katana frame for printing that have been addressed. Trigger on recoil blowback was also slightly off from where I thought it was and has been tweaked. I also decided to include an intermediary blowback system that used levers. It doesn't have the recoil snap effect, much like the geared one, but it's moves the slide a lot more. It's smooth and fun, but probably not anyone's real first choice. It uses the same trigger, trigger arm, pusher, and pusher mount as the recoil blowback. I also realized I failed to include some important documentation in the zip folder, so that's been added as well. Namely, a tutorial for assembly, even if it's out of date, and pictures of how it's supposed to look when assembled. 9/2: After a war test, I was quite disappointed in a very minor oversight on the recoil pusher. It would not let darts feed up from the mag consistently. I've shortened it slightly and rounded it more, so hopefully that's not a problem. If it is, I'll post a fix up here, whatever that might end up being. Preliminary testing didn't have this issue, but that's why I always like to do actual field testing and not just workshop testing. 9/3: It was kindly pointed out that there was an error on the slide that it was asymmetric, which has been fixed. 9/12: Fixed the Pusher mount to fit in the Talon Frame. It looks like I somehow added material at some point that had been removed, though I don't know when I did it. Also theoretically extended the pusher travel just a bit with minor adjustments to the trigger arm and pusher. All Recoil blowback related. 9/30: Minor tweaks to help printability on the lever/recoil parts. They've needed a fair bit of tuning as they were a new design. Mostly chamfers and tolerances. I also added an (optional) battery tray that should help keep your lipo wires down if you have a problem with that like I have. I also added a new slide safety with a small stopper, just to help keep it in the optimal position for the recoil blowback. I've found that depending on spring strength, if it's too weak, having it flipped all the way down can be a problem, and this should help that. 1/9/20: Made a TON of small tweaks to improve reliability of the recoil blowback, pushing, and general improvements. These parts will require reprinting all the pusher parts again, except the blowback arm. I've also added an extra pusher that's 3mm longer after a number of people have had unreliable feeding with the talon frame. The extra length should help that.

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