3D Printed Blaster By MisterHeathPants

This is The Pigeon, a mag in handle, semiautomatic nerf sidearm. It was intended to be a sidearm, not a primary, but hits a surprising 100+ fps. It isn't the most accurate or powerful, but the goal was capacity, rate of fire, and ease of use, which is has in spades. This is a great compliment to out of the box blasters like the Spring Thunder, or high capacity, low rate of fire blasters like the Caliburn. These files are all one piece, and so not all printers will be able to fit it. I may upload some cut apart pieces, but I don't recommend printing it that way. A Prusa mk3 and larger will print it all in a single piece for the shell. Print orientations should be what I've saved them as, but feel free to experiment. There is likely some post processing needed on a few spots, particularly the slide and barrel guide and pusher mount, and the trigger's nub that interacts with the flippy arm part. To print one for left handed use (the slide lock on the right side of the blaster for hitting with your left thumb) print the LH slide parts, and flip all other parts in your slicer horizontally. For hardware it uses standard nerf screws (stryfe size) a very small extension spring for the mag release(3/4" long), a longer one for the trigger(Under 1/4" diameter and 1" length), and an even longer one for the slide(3/16" diameter and 1 3/4" long). For the mag release, you will need some kind of pin. The ones I've been using are 3/32 by 3/4, and are just slightly too wide to close completely. I recommend using Make Test Battle Honey Badgers for the flywheel motors because on a 3s they can hit the necessary rpms to hit higher velocity in this setup. I recommend a turnigy NanoTech 1300 Mah 45c 3s, https://hobbyking.com/en_us/turnigy-nano-tech-1300mah-3s-45-90c-lipo-pack.html but it can potentially fit certain graphenes or other 3s batteries. Wheels are available from Flywheel the World, who designed the cage system that this blaster uses. https://www.facebook.com/flywheeltheworld/?fb_dtsg_ag=AdyZae0Ropdtib4cXahBb3DkfBs61tloBfhN1bOlvpWR4w%3AAdyuhBAV63OSO7BN9l1OJ5QPILhxIaKT4bUHUHWgdvZ00Q -I'm including the version 6 files, as I haven't tested v7 quite as extensively, but 7 should have better switch interaction. Both will work, but version 6 will probably need a stronger trigger spring than v7.- I've added some new stuff! First, we have both new handles and slides, together, that are 7.1. They are different, more detailed, and hopefully do something to help make this look more interesting and toylike. Maybe just scifi? I like them a lot better. They also require new iron sights, so pay attention to that. If you've already got a v6 or 7 and like the new slide, I've included the short slide files, which are adjusted to fit the handle on the older files, just in case you decide to redo it. Internally they're all the same, but bring the whole thing closer to a finished design. NOW the slides are up. I had to do a fair bit of tweaking after realizing the barrel did not properly line up. Also there have been tolerances added for the barrel material, which should hopefully help people figure that out. I'd also missed the basic right hand version, and it was all janky. Better now. I've also added a printable barrel, which is the exact length, 1" od, and just under 7/8 id, to minimize barrel drag and give an option that can add some extra orange (or whatever color) to the build. Adjusted the iron sights and barrel guide as well. If you use the new slide, print a new orange tip and barrel guide as well for maximum barrel clearances. The short slides don't have a left hand version, but I can make that if someone really wants it... for some reason.. Pusher mount Mk 2! This has some slots removed from the rear guide for the slide, that should make it MUCH easier to pull the slide off. Just unscrew the barrel guide, pull the slide back, and pivot the front end upwards, using the rear of the handle as a fulcrum. Added a new barrel guide piece, that now has a built in barrel. Finding the right material for the barrel has been a huge pain, so why not print that too? If you feel your prints are reasonably strong, then this is probably a good part to print So I've had enough complaints about not knowing what to print... I've taken all of the 7.1 parts and put them in a single zip file. Just download that, and you have all of the very latest files. After that, new versions will be added up here piece by piece, so that you'll know which ones are new and which ones aren't. I've also put up v6 and the older v7 files in zips as well, but I recommend 7.1 for sure. LONG AWAITED UPDATE! I've finally gotten around to splitting all of the pieces in half(ish) so they can be printed on much smaller printers. This should make them almost universal. Will require more screws, and on the slides, some kind of paperclip or pin in addition to the screws. I'm also going to recommend that you glue with some kind of epoxy, just to be sure they hold together. Nobody was waiting, but it was suggested... once.. But we have an entire new system here, which is a grip safety rev switch. Just squeeze and it'll start going. This will address the issue that some people had where they didn't like the rev on the trigger. It should, theoretically, add some extra control to operation. If it's too touchy, a small compression spring can be put over the button on the switch, or at the bottom of the safety piece. Wiring will need to follow the standard stryfe circuit, and use NO instead of NC as the normal pigeon parts needed. As per Puredeath's suggestion, I've added a beveled slot for the tab protector. I've reuploaded all versions of the handle, in all the zips, except the original. This isn't a necessary upgrade, so you don't have reprint anything, but going forward, this should make your prints nicer, and have the tab protector fit a little more secure. I've added a small piece you can attempt to print that will be a mag release pin. I don't know for sure how well it will work, but it's there if you want it. UPDATE It works great lol I was informed that the screw ports for the split slide were easy to break so I've moved the split further back. Hopefully that gives it more material to print with and will be a bit sturdier Merry holidays! I've added fiber optic optimized iron sights, if you're into that. I know I am ;) You'll need to get .08 (just around 2mm) diameter fiber optics to fit, and it's a tight fit at that. This is a big update for a lot of people: Talon mag compatibility! Honestly, this is untested, so keep that in mind. Changes for this to happen were: -No normal mag release. It uses a detente like the talon adapter. I tried to make it strong, but hopefully not too hard to remove. Feedback would be appreciated. -Fixed trigger guard. Some people will probably like this, will make printing take a few more supports, I'm guessing. -No grip rev. Because of the shape of Talons, and the singular catch point, I had to put the detente in the back, which is exactly where the grip rev stuff went. That means you'll wire this up with the switch in the front, same as pre-grip-rev pigeons. I'm still going to recommend using the pecker Katobu mags, rather than this, but for those that wanted to use talon mags... here you go. Some really cool developments have been added. Colin Wood (https://www.thingiverse.com/Woody7070/designs) has been working on adding straight feed to the pusher... we talked and took the idea even further, and I've uploaded another pusher and pusher mount that will straighten out the darts, work with any mag, and has a nice and consistent feed. He was chronoing much higher than me with a straight pusher (highs in the 130s) and in theory this pusher should do that as well. Even if it doesn't, it feeds great, and I think it should be uploaded.

It should go without saying, but this has a pretty realistic profile, and may not be allowed in all groups or at all events. Make sure you talk to the admins of your groups, and please, please print it in bright colors. If you're interested in purchasing one, you can check my store https://www.etsy.com/shop/MHPArms?ref=seller-platform-mcnav where I will be listing them periodically as I build them, or buy a printed version or kit from my friend Derrikk's store: http://blogderrikksun.com/product/mhp-dessert-pigeon-3d-prints/ If you need mags, https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3185023 Tobu's pigeon mags are perfect. 9 shots, half a monkee mods spring, and you're good to go with a perfectly tailored fit to the blaster. If you're looking for a talon sidearm, consider the falcon, https://github.com/Ansuzalgiz/Falcon created by Ansuzalgiz. This is a talon sidearm that also uses ftw wheels, but in a dual stage configuration. In theory that should mean his design gets higher fps as well. Do you like this design? Consider sending me a tip, or contributing to my patreon: https://www.patreon.com/RobbieofLockship

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