3D Printed Blaster By MisterHeathPants

This is the MHP Arms MHR-SK. It's what I'm calling a stryfe killer, with the full intention of being a stryfoid platform, but... better. It's really big, and if you don't have the handguard and upper front pieces, the wheels will be exposed. I have another variant in the works that will probably be a better platform as a 'stryfe killer' but it's a little ways off. This is designed for 130 motors only, and even then I had to bend the tabs in and solder very carefully to fit. I recommend using Krakens, but any 130 should suit it. It takes a lot of filament, and a lot of time to make this, so be prepared for a big project. I don't plan to really tweak these files that much, because I'm happy with it, even though I had to make some tweaks and fixes by hand. I have not worked out the jam door yet, and though it seems like it should work in premise, it's untested. You will need some springs, stryfe style screws, and some magnets for the stock and battery cover. The pusher, at this point, is a 35mm long throw solenoid, wired up like a 2 switch rapidstrike. The Trigger presses the rev switch while at rest. So rather than NO, the wire goes to NC. I will add a wire diagram when I have more time. I made this in my continuous search for a better and better nerf ACR, and I think this is finally the one to take the cake. It's very comfortable, fun to use, and effective... if not easy to build. Sorry for little to no support on this one. I've added the autopusher files, although they haven't been tested physically. I may do that in the near future, but I am undecided

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