3D Printed Blaster By MisterHeathPants

This is a mag in handle smg nerf gun, fully printed, except for the motor components. It uses Jet Blasters' Katana mags, and shoots half darts. It comes in many parts, that are screwed and glued together for the final product. Some filing and sanding is required to make sure everything operates smoothly. Some of the screw ports may be a bit small, and I had to make minor tweaks, but it should be pretty straightforward. I have added a motor cover for 132 size motors (original fangs, titan hyperions, etc) but I have not printed or tested it yet. The pusher system is here. As it is a remix of other's, better, work, I didn't want to put it here, where it couldn't be credited easily. THERE IS A NEW PUSHER DESIGN. I'm linking it here instead of the old one, and I highly recommend it The parts you'll need are: Screws that fit nerf guns Short, but strong extension springs. like 1/2" short, and small. An open flywheel project stryfe cage, I used 41.5 mm (or similar high power, high torque motors) or You may need to drill holes for some screws, file down spots to make sure the pusher has as little friction as possible, and a few other tweaks like that. The handle needs filed and sanded to be as comfortable as possible. And I think that about covers it. Have a giant printer? I've added a left and right piece that are solid, and can be printed all at once, assuming your printer is big enough. Like Mac 10's? Try this version: IMPORTANT: I have had a chance to work on my second copy, and I noticed the the bottom of the pusher piece was causing friction that could cause it jam. There's a straight spot on the bottom from (around the oval opening) that needs to be rounded out. Also of note is that the fit on the pusher gearbox isn't perfect, and I recommend gluing some 1/16" foam on the bottom (but under the pusher arm) to get it in there nice and tight. I've added a new part, which is two halves of a bottom rail. Instead of printing the front with picatinny on bottom, you'd print the smooth one, and then these two rail pieces and screw them in. That should make vertical printing easier. Flywheel left with jam door has been updated to have more room around the cage. The handles have gained a stronger curve on the outside so that they are rounder and more comfortable, and I've tried to fix as many known problems screw ports as I could find. I also added rear sight mk2 which should fit better and has empty holes that can be filled with white epoxy/paint/glow paint to make some sick ass night sights Front cover has been fixed, there was a weird line down the middle, which was caused by making one half, flipping it, exporting both, and having weird geometry or something where they met up Added a version of the front cover without the finger stop, in case you wanted to have one that was a bit slimmer and might possibly fit in a holster. It's untested for printing, though Had an issue where the mags could be forced up past the mag release, which I have added stoppers in the flywheel left and right parts to fix. If you printed an older version, you can print the magwell stopper part and glue/screw it into the older parts. Also weird bulge on flywheel left has been fixed. Aside from a host of minor tweaks, I've just added two new handles parts (handy and handy left) which have a MUCH MUCH smoother curve, but are slightly larger in the rear. I have not yet printed them, but I expect they'll be a lot comfier off the printThey are much more comfortable to me, but others have said the smaller ones are better so... I guess go with what you like? Fine, Mike. I have made the BEST handle, I think. It's the smaller size, but with a curve profile made from fusion... so enjoy? I haven't tested it yet, but it should be the most comfortable handle possible for the mhp Excuse my terrible naming conventions. When you get 10+ versions, it gets hard to keep them all tracked. Hando Besto are the new handle files. They're the smaller, but rounder ones, with a couple added bits to improve prinability... and as a first, I've added a small rounding to just under the trigger guard, where I found the most discomfort to be. Even more bad names. Yet again, another handle update. This time to hopefully have enough room to easily install the trigger. The single most tedious part of the process is installing the trigger so that it can slide smoothly without binding, and then I realized I should just make more room on the files themselves. So I did. New trigger, better print orientation, better ergonomics, but most of all, should fit with less work in the handle Silly me, the rails on the front pieces were... squished. I never noticed. Bigger news though, the MHP Mk2 is currently under development, and will get a separate thingiverse page when it's ready

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