3D Printed Blaster By MisterHeathPants

The long awaited version two of the MHP 15. This isn't just a few tweaks here and there, but a complete remake, with many, many improvements. Some improvements include: -Better ergonomics -Two switch support -35mm solenoid support -collapsing stock -streamlined mag release -multiple foregrip options -no glue assembly With my riot cage and wheels, I'm chronoing 125-35, but not seeing a range loss over higher fps full length flywheel blasters. This uses stryfe size screws (m2.6 self tapping) and a few small compression springs. The auto pusher will also probably need some washer screws to hold the pusher arm down. The iron sights and locks on the stock both use filament as pins for the pivot points on their rotation. The mag release needs a 3/32 pin, a half inch wide. I've included Adrian Ward's excellent diagram for how to do a selectfire circuit with the solenoid. That gives full and semi auto firing capabilities, and is really, really awesome. The components will not fit in those locations, as per the diagram, so it's not for the faint of heart. It took me three days off and on to wire that and then many more of testing and tuning. I will post all updates outside of the zip files, so if you see a part there, that means it's newer, and probably what you'll want to use. I plan to eventually see about making a Worker Talon compatible version, as well as an ultrystryfe version. If you're into having four screw posts, I've already updated the handle right file to include that fourth port. I totally spaced that through many, many versions... all fixed now It has come to my attention that the pusher is potentially not long enough to work with daybreak wheels (and quite possibly also an eclipse cage, in that case) so I've added an entire new pusher zip that has an extra tooth on the pinion, pusher, and room added to the pusher mount to make it so that it can travel that extra distance. When I looked at the files, it turns out that the standard pusher was traveling less than the solenoid (<35mm) and that means that it wouldn't work with extra concave wheels. This should also help if you think you might be using sweet orange, or non worker darts, but want the auto pusher. I also added a slightly more exciting gasblock part, if you like. I feel dumb, but there are now handle parts that have a built in pin for the mag release, as well as a slightly tweaked mag release that should sit flush with a mag in (that never affected performance, but was bugging me a little). The print orientation on the handles should mean that these are reasonably durable as well. Also added a small piece that can be printed (in theory) as a pin to fit in the mag release if you can't find one that's the right size. Merry holidays! I've added fiber optic optimized iron sights, if you're into that. I know I am ;) You'll need to get .08 (just around 2mm) diameter fiber optics to fit, and it's a tight fit at that. A few more bits added: a trigger and pin, so you can print it sideways. This should help reduce strain if you find your two switch trigger is breaking. I broke mine in a war, and needed a fix, so here we go. Also added an mp7 style barrel and silencer. The silencer part has a much wider inner diameter, so shouldn't add any drag to the barrel. Finally, a 132 motor cover has been added. Looks okay, but chunkier. 180 may happen eventually, but no promises. After this, the next mhp2 upgrade is likely some kind of talon compatibility. Long awaited Talon files. These, like the pigeon, use a detente, and I have not tested. If you do print them, let me know how they work out for you. Everything stays the same, except the handle and mag release. Same trigger, same wire setup, etc. It was brought to my attention that the talon files that got updated were far outdated... I have fixed that Hopefully I've remembered everything, but if something is off, missing, or you have questions, feel free to leave a comment. If you like what I've done here, consider reading my webcomic or leaving me a tip. I know people have asked, and 3 years later, I deliver. I have added a new version of handle left and right that are wider to fit Talon mags better.

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