The Turkey

3D Printed Blaster By MisterHeathPants

I present... The Turkey. It's a semiauto conventional layout nerf sidearm, using Flywheel the World wheels once again. The slide pulls back, locks in place, and allows full access to the top of the mag for top loading. This feature likely works better with katana mags because they have wider lips that make it easier to press darts into. The battery goes into the grip, meaning that the largest maximum size battery is probably smaller than the pigeon. I recommend a 1000 Mah nanotech 3s battery. Part of what I ended up trying to do was to need many fewer tools and screws to be able to put this together. It is worth noting that you will need to pick for your handedness which slidelock parts you use. The Slidelock part has a tab on the right side (so good for left handed) use the flipped part for right handed, or use both. You can then use the no tab parts for the opposite side, if only wanted one side catching. The clamp and dial parts are full optional, just cosmetic additions. Trigger Group left was clipping through right side, and has hopefully been fixed now. A dremel or lighter can probably fix it if you've already printed, but there's a new version up too. Also added new versions of both frames that have a cut out piece for a wire cover. You screw that into the bottom and it should protect those pesky wires in the channel going to the wheels. Parts list for this: -m2.6 self tapping screws -4x m2x4 screws for the motors -1x McMaster 9657K46 (trigger spring) -2x McMaster 9654K417 (slide lock springs) -1 or 2x McMaster 9657K264 (extension spring for the slide. You can use one or two) -~2mm pins of varied length or pins made from filament -1 pair of FTW wheels -1 pair of MTB Honey Badger motors (wolverines and possibly others may work as well) -Rubber bands can be used in place of the extension springs, I found, and offer a cheap alternative. I've included 2 diagrams that should help clarify where to direct the wires through the channels. They need to be wired to the switch in a specific way so that it mounts to the group right, but feeds over the group left and through the channel in the frame. AND A BUILD GUIDE! There are both talon and katana versions, but as I only have one talon mag, I have not tested (and probably won't) those parts. Based off my files they should work, but if they don't feel free to let me know, and I'll get those adjusted. I plan a full length version eventually, but the geometry of standard nstrike mags is more complex than half dart mags. I also will later upload some blank files without the bird on it, because it was requested. This design also uses a closed switch circuit like the pigeon. Wire a normal stryfe-esque circuit but using Normally Closed instead of Normally Open. This whole thing should be a lot more friendly to smaller printers, but let me know if you have problems.

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