Mk21 Meaker's Hawk

3D Printed Blaster By MeakerVI

Due to ongoing issues with thingiverse, I have removed all key blaster files hosted here and will be rehosting or posting an update on my Etsy shop ( Thank you for your support. This is a redraw of Ansuzalgiz's Falcon. At the time of redraw, it was licensed under the GNU/GPL 3.0. This license permits: Commercial use, Modification, Distribution, Patent use, and Private use; has limitations on liability and warranty, and requires the license and copyright notice I am providing here and linked above, stated changes, disclosed source, and the same license. The blaster uses FTW microflywheels available here. The change summary is that I adjusted the whole thing to be single stage and smaller to fit on my 6"^3 print bed without splitting any part. This involved reorienting the battery tray to be vertical, which is why the large box is on the front. I also adjusted the appearance, and fixed some tolerance issues with the magwell/grip and mechanical components (they were too tight when printed as-provided initially). I also renamed it to "Meaker's Hawk" because hawks typically have smaller wingspans and are slower than falcons, and I, Meaker, have discovered it (Eg: Cooper's Hawk). My source is included as is the link to the original source files. I haven't tested this with electronics hardware installed (dry fit printed components and springs), but also haven't changed it. I did switch to 1/2" #6 course thread screws (eg: Plastite, Drywall, Sheet Metal; M3.5 should also work) instead of threaded inserts and bolts. Parts include:

Flywheel-the-world Flywheel flywheel pair

2x honeybadger motors


Xt60 connector (or connectors for your pack)

16/18 gauge stranded wire

Heat shrink

Small compression spring (McMaster 9657K266 for 6)

Small extension spring (McMaster 9654K971 for 12)

M2 motor mounting screws (x4/5; I've had issues with printed cages and x4)

Plastic safe grease for moving parts

Appropriate Lipo or other battery pack capable of supplying 28A continuous at stall (Outside dimensions should be less than: 97x24x39mm; some space for extra tether/alarm but not much), charger, and optionally alarm WIP because I always select that. I don't foresee critical changes, the parts fit together and the ones that might have issues could be adjusted easily in post.

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GNU GPL v2.0
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