Rektify (mk 1)

3D Printed Blaster By Flygonial

NOTE: Rektify Mk.2 is out, this blaster is mostly obsolete now. Print the newer iteration instead: Rektify is a sophomorically named full-auto foam dart blaster. It is compatible with 130 to 180 sized DC brushed motors (possibly only 130 as a pusher though it may fit without a voltmeter), and accepts most magazines compatible with Hasbro Nerf blasters (compatibility with Buzz Bee mags is not guaranteed). Additional design features include a horizontal flywheel cage, 14mm bore, flat-top with a full-length of picatinny rail, and top-loadability. It accepts full sized or submini microswitches for its flywheel and pusher switches, but only submini sized ones for its cycle control switch. Optional additions include: Voltmeter mount, kill switch mount, an internal battery tray (89x52x20mm), a stock mount that doubles as a tray door, and an entire printable stock that includes a significantly larger battery tray (125x50x30mm). The scotch yoke pusher can either be one with a dwell or a simple straight slotted yoke (former may result in more reliable cycle control, latter is easier on the gearbox). Cage options now include 41.5mm, 43mm spacing, Eclipse, with optional dart guides, and 14 and 16mm bores for non-Eclipse cages (former for better precision, latter for more reliability especially with top-loading). Required for Assembly: Three 130-180 sized motors. 180 sized motors should fit as a pusher but will be a much tighter fit. 33 to 37mm OD flywheels (all superstock flywheels as of now) Arduino TT-gearbox 14-18 AWG hobby wire Connector of your choice and heat shrink (or alternatives, but heat shrink is optimal) Full-sized and/or submini microswitches. Cycle control switch cannot be full-sized. Screwdriver compatible with M3 screws Allen key compatible with M3 screws M3 nuts M3 Screws: 5mm length, 10mm length, 14mm length, and 25mm length (Not all must be exact) (Some MUST be hex or torx head for joining the magwell, preferably all) M3 washers in areas where the aforementioned screws are too long. M2 Screws: 4-5mm length, 10mm length. A 30mm (in length) extension spring An adhesive of some sort (superglue will suffice) for the CC Follower Some extra connectors for modular flywheel cages and pusher boxes are highly recommended, and also recommended are bullet connectors to join the cycle control switch to the trigger switches (though it is possible without them, it's tricky). The CC0 license is there for a reason. Do whatever you want with this thing, edit it however you want, sell it even, and don't even ask me. I don't care. It's all yours. Update Notes: V1.1: Adjusted magwell and mag release to fix alignment issues that would cause inconsistent feeding. V1.2: Redesigned stock mounting screws to ALL be able to fit M3 nuts for four durable threads and more rigidity (rather than only two and some wobble). Also modified internal battery tray to allow XT60s to slide out. V1.3: V1.2's M3 nut friction fit was too tight by half a millimeter, fixed those tolerances. V1.4: Added 41.5mm flywheel cage, removed 43mm dart guide from F3D file to troubleshoot. STL for it remains, but no dart guide for the 41.5mm cage yet. V1.5: Modified cage opening fillet to a chamfer to improve feeding reliability. V1.6: Added a more refined dart guide design, also to the 41.5mm cage. V1.7: Removed F3D file from zip downloadable - file size is now down two-thirds and it plays nice with Thingiverse not making buggy downloads. Relocated being able to edit the file to a public link instead. V1.8: Revised designs for the 'Upper' to be less janky in geometry (still not perfect) and be printable upside down - possibly without supports. V1.9: Big update here. The Eclipse cage is out. Also cosmetic and structural refinements, such as having the carry handle attach to the top of the magwell, minimizing the motor and flywheel covers, and do note that the old magwell will no longer be compatible with the updates. Also slightly raised the limit bar for the mag release to allow a brim for the magwell to adhere it both inside and out. V1.95: Yes, I'm trying really hard here to avoid reading 2.0 (there's a bigger update planned which I still have to test). The minimized motor cover's tolerances were too close for comfort (talking fitting 132s without shell cutting close), so it's been given more breathing room. Bulkier, but better than smashed terminals. V2.0: Another decent sized update here, they include: 16mm bore cages, recommended for reliability with top-loading, a grip completely redesigned to be clamshell with improved ergonomics, redesigned triggers to have less wobble, ambidextrous sling mount points, and other minor optimizations. V2.1: Optimized grip ergonomics, redesigned trigger and trigger guard to both be less disproportionately large and lower in position. V2.2: 43.5mm cages, same options as every other cage available. V2.3: Minor update, but big for reliability. Altered the CC switch follower to fully wrap around the lever arm of the switch, preventing a failure where the follower debonds and locks up the pusher.

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