Rektify Mk.2

3D Printed Blaster By Flygonial

Assembly Guide: Rektify Mk.2 is a complete redesign of the original Rektify fully-automatic Nerf blaster. Its execution has been thoroughly reconsidered: unnecessary space was cut, the mounting solutions for the grip, pusher mechanism, cycle control, and battery tray have all been revisited and improved. Uses 130-180 (20.4mm diameter) size motors - no 180 in the pusher. Compatible with all Nerf replacement flywheels with OD's out to 37mm Only wheels currently larger than 37~mm OD are Daybreak wheels, and there are cages for this blaster compatible with them too. Utilizes a horizontal flywheel cage Accepts most magazines compatible with Hasbro Nerf blasters Improved internal battery tray with dimensions of <=(96mm x 56mm x 33mm) - the geometry complicates this Is top-loadable, darts can be inserted into the magazine while it is still loaded Fits in as little as 120x120x120mm build volume The blaster also features numerous customizable options: Flywheel cages with center distances ranging from 43.5mm to 41.5mm An Eclipse-compatible cage (38.5mm spacing, 14mm bore, dart guide) Options between a dart guide or no dart guide Options between a 15mm bore or a 14mm bore Picatinny rails N-Strike stock mount with sling attachment point Attachable flared magwell A flash hider - prevents point-blank shots from jamming and can fire MEGA darts Kill switch mount Voltmeter and kill switch mount Magazine releases of varying distance to dominant hand Pusher designs, one with a shorter braking interval but more length, the other the opposite both ways Required for assembly: Three 130-180 sized motors. 33 to 37mm OD flywheels meant for 2mm shafts Arduino 'Smartcar' TT-gearbox 14-18 AWG hobby wire Connectors of choice (XT60, Deans, etc.), and heatshrink 2 full-sized microswitches 1 submini microswitch Screwdriver compatible with M3 threads Allen key compatible with M3 threads M3 nuts M3 screws: 8mm length, 10mm length, 14mm length, 18-20mm length and 20-25mm length depending on the screw head and its effects on the length of the actual threads M2 screws: 4-5mm length, 10mm length A 15-20mm extension spring (mag release) An adhesive for the 'CC Follower', most likely superglue Wire the blaster how you would a Rapidstrike, modular connectors allowing the flywheels and pusher to be detached are highly recommended. Public domain, and I'm writing it here straight-up that I don't care what you do with it. Want source files? Here's the share link: Update Log (will become separate if it becomes too long): V1.01 (8/3/18): Adjusted 'Flared Magwell' to better fit Hasbro mags, made the angle of the flare more aggressive, and added fillets and chamfers to remove sharp edges when using the magwell as a foregrip. Slightly increased the braking interval of the 'Pusher (LB)'. Made the 'Flash Hider' symmetrical vertically. Added an ambidextrous 'Sling/Stock' option. V1.02 (8/13/18): Altered the 'Motor Cover' design to allow it to be removable without undoing the modular cage connectors. Altered the 'Gearbox Housing' to have stronger posts in the front for the 'Pusher Cover' to thread onto, with less stress concentrations. V1.03 (8/19/18): Altered the 'Spinner' to have less tight tolerances on interfacing with the gearbox. Added more differentiation to the pushers - one is the 'Pusher (EXT)', which is 3mm longer than the other one but has a shorter braking interval. The other is 'Pusher (BRK)', which is the same as the 'Pusher (LB)', just renamed. V1.04 (8/26/18): Altered the 'Grip Panels' to have fillets on the upper screw mount, having cut myself on the sharp edges and corner there. 'Flash Hider' altered to be beefier and have one fewer cut-out. Previously, I could crack it with my bare hands if I tried. Altered 'Mag Release (OH)' to actually work with the clearance provided. It is still 5mm farther from the dominant hand. V1.05 (9/1/18): Fixed careless mistake where adding fillets to the grip panels messed with the 'Left Panel' aesthetics. V1.06 (12/25/18): Fixed lack of a internal chamfer on the locking points of the Stock/Sling (L) part. Added new part 'Orange Tip', for a minimalist barrel attachment. Updated battery tray door locking nubs to have the chamfer in a position where it improves the structural integrity of them (have had a failure of this before). V1.1 (2/5/18): Big update here, and it's all related to the addition of the 'Half Magwell'. Accepts Jet Katana dimensioned magazines, BUT they must have the conventional mag release position (ie: Kathana, Katobu). This is because the mag release on the standard Katana or even Worker Talons are too high for Rektify to fit with the position for the return spring and mag release, as they would require an extension that would make it so there is no substantial length reduction. Also includes the necessary adjustments for the wire run, a new flared magwell, and picatinny flat top for the reduction in length. Also includes pushers with a modification to keep them from crashing into the dart guide. These probably appreciate printing with supports, though they don't have 100% overhangs. V1.11 (3/10/19): Minor-ish update, primarily on adding compatibility with Daybreak wheels to this blaster platform. Created 41 and 40mm center distance cages for Daybreak wheels, all options (15 vs. 14mm bore, dart guide) also available.

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