PAB 3.0

3D Printed Blaster By LaSon by NCIS

Update 3 - 16/Sept/2019 Added the PAB3.0 Parts List file for a breakdown of parts needed. Update 2 -15/Sep/2019 PAB3_Trench was mistakenly saved for the muzzle. Corrected file. Update 15/Sep/2019 Added a single-piece front shroud (PAB3_Guard_Shroud) for those asking for one and owns a printer with larger bed. I found out this will also fit an Ender 3 if printed upside down at an angle, with the front of the shroud touching the bed. PAB is our own variant of the ever-popular Caliburn (Capt Slug) and more directly the Talon Claw (Gabriel Gough), as well as inspiration from Argus Modworks. The design process came about mainly due to the lack of local sources for the original hardware, and our own preference for the blaster design. PAB3.0 is the latest version which utilizes the take-down magwell with an AR-15 design, will use locally available hardware, which is slightly different dimensions from the original Caliburn hardware kit; you can probably re-use the original kit but no guarantees it will be compatible. We have also optimized PAB3.0 to be easier to disassemble, and to use LS (Long Shot) springs, which are more readily available in our part of the world, instead of the standard K26. However, a quick redesign can be made to use a variety of springs including K26. Alternative Hardware used: 3mm x 12mm aluminium priming bars - 300mm length ID 35mm x OD 40mm Clear Tube - 150mm length LS Spring 8x6 carbon fiber rods - 2 pcs @ 205mm 10x8 carbon fiber rods for the buttstock - 220mm-250mm depending on your preference, need to be drilled through if using high powered springs for stability Front M5 threaded rods - 3 @ 250mm Rear M5 threaded rods - 3 @ 220mm M5 nuts M5 countersunk screw bolts M3 countersunk screw bolts M3 Aluminium standoff - I can only find OD 5mm x m3 standoffs; if you're using the original caliburn standoff, you'll need to print the TCV3 Sear5 ID 30mm x OD 33mm x Thk 1.5mm O-ring - 1 to 2 depending on your seal I'll update with a complete parts list once I've compiled them for the different parts. *Note: This is for those with experience in Caliburn assembly. You can adapt the basic Caliburn assembly instructions and barrel shroud instructions to assemble this.

Master Blaster List
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