Talon ESLT Conversion

3D Printed Blaster By KaneTheMediocre

Latest version of ESLT talon conversion. Most noteworthy changes are replacement of screw mount with zip-tie slot, and the addition of a rear cover. A crude strap-on draw-down system is included for use with horizontal pump grips-- "ESLTDrawDown4ClearWidget1". It replaces the system on fully printed foregrip in cases where the foregrip is a simple, not-3d-printed tube. That was never standard on ESLTs, but I needed it for my special clear ESLT. The amount of draw-down is correct for the ESLT but the size will probably need fixed for other blasters that may want to use this kit, which generally applies to anything pump action blaster where the air comes out the top of an (ideally 1.25" PVC) tube. The normal forgrip system for this is not yet included in these files--Ryan had problems with the files I uploaded in the past not including crucial features that had been fixed on my end, so I need to remodel it from scatch to hopefully bypass those glitches. The rear cover needed a couple cut-aways for the PVC-Tee stock and the handle-clamp, but I left them off the model because I don't think they will be the same for everyone. In any case, they are easy The rear cover was designed for and printed with a 1mm nozzle. Actually all of this stuff was printed with a 1mm nozzle, but the rear cover is more specifically designed for a 1mm nozzle.

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