3D Printed Blaster By JackRabbitNerfer

WayMaker The WayMaker is a fully custom Nerf blaster shell designed to use the SUPERcore from SpectreArmaments (facebook). The blaster uses Worker Talons and has a ‘mag in grip’ design to help keep the blaster shorter. As all the pneumatic components are behind the grip, the front of the blaster is light to help with quick movement and turning. The stock can be set to different lengths, this is done by removing the securing screws and repositioning. The quick disconnect is located at the rear of the blaster keeping the airline close to your body and can be tucked away with a well positioned bottle on your rig. The original WayMaker design has a short barrel of around 140mm-170mm, the latest version has a longer nose option which is suited for a 240mm barrel, there is then also an extension which can lengthen the barrel shroud this then covers a full 350mm barrel. The extension and longer nose can be configured in various ways to allow you to switch between 2 barrels lengths with a simple removal of 1 screw and replacement of the inner barrel. Short - Mid (short nose - extension+ short nose) Short - Long (short nose - extension+ mid nose) Mid - Long (mid nose - extension + short nose) In addition to the longer barrel there is also a scarpressor this is designed to fit over a worker scar and provide some suppression to the sound of the air blast as the blaster fires. The blaster barrel length and pressure can be tuned to provide you with the desired FPS. Some examples of the FPS with a shorter barrel: 170mm monkee mods barrel, 65psi = 130-140 fps 170mm monkee mods barrel, 85psi = 170-180 fps
Warning This shell and the HPA system it uses, are for use by those who are familiar with air powered blasters, and its use should be limited to private nerf games due to its looks and power. The parts you need to print: Handle (Secondary colour) Nose (Primary colour) Front body (Primary colour) Mid body (Primary colour) Rear body (Primary colour) Valve holder (Primary colour) Body end cap (Primary colour) Quick disconnect support (Primary colour) Trigger (Primary colour) Trigger slide (Hidden item) Slide runner (Hidden item) Dart spring (Primary colour) Front bottom picatinny (Secondary colour) Side picatinny x2 (40, 60 or 80 mm) (Secondary colour) https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4019783 Top picatinny (Secondary colour) Stock (Secondary colour) Stock arm left (Secondary colour) Stock arm right (Secondary colour) Stock butt plate (Secondary colour) Dart ramp (Early SUPERcores may need this) (Hidden item) Other hardware you need SUPERcore from SpectreArmaments (facebook) Quick disconnect from herbmeister_nerf (instagram) Threaded monkee mods barrel (cut to length) 6mm flexible hose MJVO-3 valve Banjo pushfit connector x2 Threaded pushfit x2 Tools Screwdriver Hobby knife Spanner Teflon tape 2mm drill bit 3.5mm drill bit Drill Small file V2 Changes Created a longer nose for mid length configuration Created the extension piece Strengthened the trigger and made into once piece Strengthened the stock arms (now printed separately) Removed designed support from trigger well and mid section Adjusted magwell fit and detent Made more space in the end cap for hose Lengthened bottom front picatinny rail to match mid nose Made filled nose to match when scarpressor is fitted Designed new style scarpressor to match blaster Created display stand for blaster TODO’s Make stock adjustable with retention system not screws

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