3D Printed Blaster By ImMortis

Update 5 Sep 19: added Step File Update 25 Sep 19: minor fix in the front of the Magwell - replaced Zip and Step This is another shortened metric Caliburn-Remix It uses Springs for the Longshot BUT it is sadly not combatible with larger OD than 27mm like the TURF 16. This Thing only features the hole backend assembly with the Upper and Lower Receiver and the Muzzle and Trench up front. - no Priming Grip is included in this one - they are in the following things with their coresponding Fronts: OdemDoomed SilenceFeueratem It features: T/K Magwell Springlock in the back for fast and easy spring swapping (which took inspiration from this nicely executed one) 10mm more Space for your triggering finger Split Receiver Design Inspired by this from DevilZmods can make use of this Stock by extending the threaded rods comes with transport caps It uses Metric hardware: M5 threaded rods, washers and nuts 40x2mm Plungertube (OD40 ID36) M3x10mm screw M4x10mm screw + nutBOM All Files are in the the Zip File where they are organized in 2 tone folders Since I spaced my files for the hardware I had on hand the Rammo is layed out for a 11,5x2mm flat bar if you need a different spacing dm me I see what I can do ^^ Happy printing and lots of fun at play

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