"SAFB" Stryfelike

3D Printed Blaster By Flygonial

A semi-automatic flywheel blaster designed for .50 full length foam darts. Uses DC brushed motors ranging from 130-180 can size and lengths, all flywheels under 36mm outer diameter will fit, and the center distance is 43mm crush. Top-loadable by default and that is the only option. Also not lefty friendly. Extra options exist for a crappily designed optional foregrip and mount that replaces the central front component of the magwell, a 14mm tightbore cage option, and battery tray sizes ranging from 16mm of height to 24mm of height. Assembly requires M3 screws (preferably countersunk for most sections) varying in length from 5mm to 20mm (Or 25 even depending on your choice of assembly). There is more than one way to fill in screw posts, and not all of them need to be used for respectable structural integrity. EDIT: A 2mm thick, 10 to 25mm long pin is also absolutely necessary for the pinion gear in the pusher rack. Also one extension spring 3cm in length for the pusher , as well as a spring the size and relative strength of a Retaliator catch spring for the mag release. Designed for use with full sized 15A to 21A switches. Will fit on any printer with build volume about 140x140mm and over. This is admittedly an extremely flawed design which is functionally inferior to a decent Stryfe in almost every way. It was mostly an exercise in learning for me to learn how to model and make something functional. Do not expect anything extraordinary or even worth your time if you take it upon yourself to assemble one. That said, feel free to do whatever you please with the files, no credit or attribution necessary.

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