3D Printed Blaster By Flemdogmillionaire

READ THE WHOLE DESCRIPTION. USE THE LATEST VERSION STEP OR F3D, NOT THE STLs. Versions indicated are STEP file versions. Files named "cherub shell" actually contain the entire blaster. Sorry for the confusion. Okay. now that that's over with, I'll start by saying real blasters have curves. I put over 6 hours of design time into this, but no more than 7 (as of v2). Be impressed if you want, I don't find it particularly fast. 6 whole hours? That's a long time. Update to v3: Mag now sits lower in the blaster by 0.1". Mag now slips into place without having to hold down the release lever. All solids named appropriately rather than numerically. Springs are far less likely to slip out of place. (I still recommend adding a small nub with an OD equal to the ID of your spring wherever a spring goes, or using hotglue to hold the springs in place.) I now also have included a multibody STEP file of the left half of the shell (the two halves are symmetrical) cut up into 120mm by 120mm blocks to fit most printers. Update to v4: screws added where needed (edit: yeah no they were needed a ton of other places too), priming rod is now two pieces that screw together. Screws are 4-40x1/4". Pump grip screws together now (yay) Haven't figured out screw ports for the shell yet. It's gonna need a lot of them. Also, I forgot to include the PH, so use the PH from the v3. Update to v5: Holy crap. Lots of new mounting holes, and an actual way to put the two shell halves together. Update to v[all the screws] / v20.f3d: Again, holy crap. Lots of mounting screws. All 38 of them are now in place. (edit: who'd'a thought, I actually missed 6 but no biggie.) Also, realized the height offset on the mag was too much, so reduced from 0.1" to 0.05". Pusher would hit the upper mag lips if you printed anything from v3 to v5. So don't print the v3, v4, or v5. Update to v7: Jam door-ish-thing created, picatinny rail added. Mags still fit too tight, will fix that soon. Update to v8: A few good fixes. Mag fit is fixed, and the problem of the mag release catch not catching is also fixed. Spring retention on the mag release is improved. Finally getting around to updating the description after latest tests: The plunger rod tends to rotate a little with each shot, and doesn't rotate back. I could update this to use a square PR but it's really not worth it right now.

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