FR-1P Pit Viper

3D Printed Blaster By EXOgreen

Updated to include handle from original viper as the files are lost to time. Version 2! I have updated the blaster to have a motor cage for easy soldering of wires and easy installment. Check out my updated exploded picture to see how it all fits. • Updated Bottom, removed material for the cage and wire guard • Updated top, just a little material removal to fit the cage • Updated Nose, moved the proportions around juuuust a bit to try and get a better fit, doesn't need to be reprinted • Updated Drum, I added another thickness around the darts so its 3 perimeters (1.2mm) instead of just 2 • Added, cage which slides into the bottom and is secured by top and wire-guard which slips into the bottom and is secured with only one screw. This is a remix of BigTendies FR-1 Viper flywheel revolver. It is a drop-in replacement for the nose of his Viper with a meaner look, more in line with his Viper Heavy. If you have already built a viper, all you need to do is take the motors and wires out of the old nose and put it in this one, all the lengths should be the same. Even the drum from the viper will fit, though I made a new rounded octagon drum for this one. All parts are in the correct print orientation. There are some portions that need support. Inside the motor cage of Pit Viper bottom and the read end by the hinge needs supports. On Pit Viper top you will need supports under the 2 flywheel cages, the end of the nose, and it is recommended on the rear latch. Everything else should be able to be printed without supports. I highly recommend using custom support material with Slic3r or Cura on just the parts you need it (though not necessary, just easier)

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