3D Printed Blaster By DaXLR

BLACK BETTY - HPA Select-fire Nerf-compatible Blaster THIS IS FUNCTIONAL BUT IT'S STILL A PROTOTYPE, SOME FITTING AND REDESIGN LIKELY REQUIRED TO FIT THE PARTS AVAILABLE TO YOU. PLEASE READ THE FULL BUILD WRITE-UP OVER HERE ----------> <---------- Changelog and roadmap, feel free to comment with new ideas for improvements! The whole thing was printed on a Makerbot R2X in ABS, except for the sideplates which were cut out of HDPE on an X-Carve 1000mm CNC Router. I'll eventually publish the source Fusion 360 files, in the meantime the STLs should be in mm and the printing orientation might be wrong. NOTE; The parts labeled as 'REFERENCE' are for reference only and shouldn't be printed. Firing Demo; Chrono readings; Code for the EFCG; Link to Microswitch used; Link to rotary switch used; Link to keyswitch used;

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