ABR-2 Solenoid Bullpup

3D Printed Blaster By cuboid10824

########## THIS IS KINDA OUTDATED UNLESS YOU REALLY WANT AN ABR-2 PLEASE CONSIDER PRINTING ANSUZALGIZ'S SABR, WHICH IS THIS EXACT BLASTER BUT BETTER BECAUSE IT WASNT DESIGNED BY MY LAZY ASS.########## SABR FOUND HERE: https://github.com/Ansuzalgiz/SABR ORIGINAL FILES FOUND HERE: https://github.com/ansuzalgiz/abr Unlike many of my files, this one has actually been tested and survived abuse en masse! This blaster survived a daylong H(vHvH)vZ event and a full BTA tournament! (My LiPo, however, did not.) INTRODUCING THE CUB3D DISCOUNT NARF ABR-2!* This is a remix of Ansuzalgiz's ABR (Automatic Bullpup Rifle), replacing the original autopusher, designed by Kurkaya, with a generic "35mm long stroke solenoid", typically found on eBay or various Chinese webstores. Materials required are a pair of 130, 180 or 132 size can motors specced for Nerf, a pair of flywheels, two microswitches, a 35mm long stroke solenoid, and a sprinkling of wire and battery connectors to taste. All items on this list can be found at various Nerf-specific webstores such as foamblastshop.com or outofdarts.com . I am not sponsored by these sites. cough cough pay up Meishel cough cough. The one thing this project needs is a better dart pusher than the bare end of the solenoid, as the solenoid as-is does not push the dart super reliably. This part should come soon™.

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