Cyberpunk Kang Tao

3D Printed Blaster By Clark3DProjektRed

This project is an Arduino-controlled, 3D-printed functional Nerf Blaster Replica of the Kang Tao from the upcoming video game Cyberpunk 2077. For a detailed guide of how to wire up the electronics and a copy of the code, visit the build tutorial on any of the below: Arduino Project Hub: Reddit/Nerfhomemades: NerfHaven Forums: Clark3DPR Youtube: Also, read the READ ME DAMNIT.txt included in the downloaded files. This project was never intended to be released to the public and was only for personal use. Consider it a prototype that requires a small amount of post processing. Requires a 300x300mm print bed, read post-process section for required tools. Any missing files, have a suggestion or questions? Leave a comment below. Files are provided as-is and I will not take responsibility for any damages / injuries that may incur. Use at your own risk.

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CC BY 4.0
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