Talon Claw

3D Printed Blaster By Captain Slug

CHANGE NOTE 03/08/ - Merged Butt2Kiri and Kiri CHANGE NOTE 11/06/19 - Updated "Muzzle6" CHANGE NOTE 10/07/19 - Merged "BackButt" and "DoubleButt" into "ButtCap" and thinned the upper threaded rod flange on UpperMag. CHANGE NOTE 10/04/19 - Plunger undercut change CHANGE NOTE 07/28/19 - Reprofiled catch surface on plunger, thinned Trelease and Krelease. CHANGE NOTE 07/01/19 - Changed "DoubleButt" retention method to a 1-3/4" length screw. Change carriers over to "Rearbutt", "Butt2Kiri", and "Kiri" parts. STEP files updated to reflect. COLOR CONFIGURATOR: http://www.captainslug.com/nerf/caliburn/tc/ ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTIONS: http://captainslug.com/nerf/TalonClawAssembly.pdf Blaster is compatible with HALF-LENGTH darts and dart magazines only. It is also capable of loading 1 to 3 darts at a time by simply cycling the breech more than once per priming stroke. The Talon Claw is a Mag-Fed Pump-Action Homemade Nerf Blaster design released as a PUBLIC DOMAIN file set by Captain Slug (http://www.captainslug.com). It is derived from the Talon Claw V3 Remix by 55samba, which in turn is a remix of the Caliburn (by me). This remix simply converts his STL file set into a CAD file set with some minor changes to a few parts. WARNING: This blaster MAY NOT BE SAFE FOR INDOOR PLAY. Even with the weaker spring, the o-ring removed, and firing full-length darts this blaster will easily shoot faster than 150+ fps. So keep this in mind as to where and when this blaster is used. It can and will produce welts at point-blank range. You are welcome to and encouraged to modify the files in any way you want. The Majority of the parts can be printed with infill as low as 20% in PLA, but I would recommend printing in layers of 300 Micron or smaller. Hardware kitshttps://outofdarts.com/collections/captain-slughttps://silverfoxindustries.shop/collections/hardware

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