3D Printed Blaster By Captain Slug

CHANGE NOTE 3/1/21 - Added updated eBrake CHANGE NOTE 2/25/21 - Widened spacer tubing clearance in E-Pull CHANGE NOTE 02/03/21 - Esper foregrip now rides on the outside of the SCAR barrel, barrel now retained by a printed collet and moved forward a little, ramrod can now be made from a cut-down talon claw ramrod (removing 0.4" from the front then re-tapering), eRambase mounts the ramrod 1/4" further back CHANGE NOTE 11/24/19 - Updated barrel retention method in eDartjam. CHANGE NOTE 8/7/19 - Replacing the 3-part mag-release setup with a 2-part setup from the Talon Claw. CHANGE NOTE 7/8/19 - Uploaded current STEP file CHANGE NOTE 2/15/19 - Tguard7 replaces Eguard and installs in EGrip using two 4-40 screws. CHANGE NOTE 2/8/19 - Strengthened EndLoop CHANGE NOTE 1/30/19 - Nibbled the front off EndCap CHANGE NOTE 1/26/19 - Uploaded current STEP file CHANGE NOTE 01/01/19 - Small changes to eMuzzle Item is 18 inches in length and not intended for use by children under the age of 14. ESPER is a Mag-Fed Top-Slide-Prime Homemade Blaster design that uses elastic cords as a replacement for traditional compression (and extension) springs. They drive a plunger with a catch surface at its tail end. The mag release and sear/trigger assemblies also use elastic cord for return. ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTIONS Color/part configurator WARNING: This blaster MAY NOT BE SAFE FOR INDOOR PLAY. Even with the weakest string setting of 20-inches this blaster will easily shoot faster than 100+ fps. So keep this in mind as to where and when this blaster is used. All of the parts can be printed with infill as low as 20% in PLA, but I would recommend printing in layers of 300 Micron or smaller. Hardware kits

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