3D Printed Blaster By Captain Slug

CHANGE NOTE 12/21/19 - Backstrap and TguardW now install without screws. CHANGE NOTE 09/02/19 - Added front sight blade to MuzzleW CHANGE NOTE 08/52/19 - Added "BirdPad" CHANGE NOTE 08/22/19 - Plunger now has a ring-grip, and prints in two parts. Makes catch surface print smooth since its against the buildplate. Both parts need to be deburred prior to use. Textured buildplates will require that you sand the parts before use. CHANGE NOTE 08/20/19 - SearW stiffening, PlungerW catch profile tweak CHANGE NOTE 08/18/19 - Sear profile tweak (again), interior tweaks to CapW CHANGE NOTE 08/16/19 - Sear profile tweak (again), Plunger catch surface change, Trigger change. CHANGE NOTE 08/14/19 - Sear profile tweak. CHANGE NOTE 08/12/19 - Added optional MuzzleW2 for those that want to experiment with longer barrels. CHANGE NOTE 08/10/19 - Increased airflow in CapW, Tguard tweaks, Trigger profile, Backstrap length. CHANGE NOTE 08/10/19 - Changed everything INSTRUCTIONS: A really strange experiment in extreme simplification, originally inspired by the "DCiT" homemade series. The WSPR (Wiggle Stick Plunger Retention) puts the sear inside the plunger tube to reduce part count and material costs considerably. The elastic allows to expedient adjustments to spring load, and the sear length can also be adjusted to provide a variety of plunger stroke distances. The sear sticks out the print that caps the top of the plunger tube, and is sealed off by a toggle switch boot. This allows the the trigger to interact with the sear directly. And two last project goals I managed to accomplish are: 120mm build plate compatibility, and being able to print every part at the same time on a 150mm buildplate (print time between 6 and 8 hours). Material list 4" length of 1-1/2" OD x 1-3/8" ID Polycarbonate tubing (plunger tube) 3" length of 5/8" OD x 1/2" ID PETG Tubing (barrel) 27" cut-then-tied loop of 1/8" elastic cord One short pin (1/16" x 3/4") three Dash 123 O-Rings twelve 4-40 x 3/8" flat head screws M12 toggle switch boot This one may require finer print settings than prior designs due to needing to print an M12 thread. I had good results at 150 micron layer height. If the tread doesn't print all that well for you they may need to be filed off so the toggle switch booth can simply be glued on. Hardware sets are for sale in my Etsy shop

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