3D Printed Blaster By Caffeccino

Hey there! I'm Caffeccino, comic artist and part time nerf herder This is my first little nerf blaster, the Serval! It's a carbine, designed to be easy to disassemble and repair and maintain. It's main function is to be a small, capable full auto half dart blaster! And most importantly, it's cute! It's dual stage, shooting half darts, and tho technically it can use Katana mags, it's designed for Talon and works best with them. Presented with Lynx-chan! Cause cute girls and guns apparently go well together? UPDATE: I've added a few misc parts to this. It now has a frame for a solenoid, a much larger battery tray in the stock with a clip on cover. I also added a motor cover to protect those precious motor tabs, and a new magwell that will be standard that will catch the mags from going too far up when loaded in. The battery tray is currently in its own zip file, but I'll also be including a full version 1.5 zip of all the materials for the new battery tray stock for anyone who hasn't started printing one and will. I've also added the v 1.5 working files as well! In theory, this could be made with no screws and function, though things like the slide and top rail would not be usable without some screws. Basically you'll need small screws for spit and polish on the blaster. A lot of nerf stuff is built around functioning 100% of the time, but if you have, you know that Murphy's Law will render any blaster completely ruined in seconds, and almost no blaster is built around disassembly and maintenance. My hope with this is that, should you plan ahead, you can go as far as to swap out the flywheel cage, the full auto pusher, or any other problem part without any tools. The entire blaster is held together with printed pins and I made a tool that screws into the bottom of the stock that allows you to pop out the pins without any other tool. I'm using dean connectors to allow printed parts to be freely swapped out. The entire top shroud will detach, but I also made it so only a back portion can come off so as to not disturb those delicate flywheel motors, to allow access to the battery tray. The stock has 3 levels of length and is held in using pins. There are two types of pins; a small and large pin... once the small pins are inserted, you can just trim them flush. While complete, it isn't tested as thoroughly as I'd like, so keep that in mind as you print it. I've allowed for anyone access to the file and anyone can do whatever they want to it! I'd love to see remixes and new ideas! I hope that takedown pins become the standard for the hobby, and I hope my blaster can help make that a reality. However, it's not for commercial use, as my Fusion license doesn't allow that at the moment. That said, print on demand should be okay. You're gonna need screws and springs for this build, and I don't know that I will be providing a build guide. This was a hobby project for me and I'm just too busy with my professional life to spend more time on it. The fitment is good, though the tolerances on my Ender 3 aren't perfect, so I've had to make a few modifications on assembly, such as sanding out the pin slots a little to allow easier movement, and trimming this or that piece to allow everything to fit together. If you have a very large printer, I've included a big solid STL for the large hand guard. I hope you all enjoy it! If you run into issues, let me know and I'll see about fixing them!

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