3D Printed Blaster By BuffdaddyNerf

At last, a Vortex Stryfe! At least until you attach a board for select fire... This is the first working version, now up so that other Vortex fans can also try it. For now, I'm using the handle off of a Rektify Mk2 (made by Flygonial) until I can design a proper handle of my own. Design is subject to change as issues arise or aesthetic efforts are made. Hardware needed: 41 M3x10mm screws 12 M3 Brass threaded inserts (McMaster 94180A333) 1 M3x20mm screw 2 M2x5mm screws (for motor) 4 M3x14mm screws for switch mounting FTW Hyperdrive Solenoid Two 21A Microswitches or similar Battery Connector 130 sized 3s motor (Up for experimentation - please try different ones to see what works!) Aftermarket flywheel (currently spaced for the use of CC Cyclones/Infernos) 1/2" x 1/4" Nylon spacer (should be in the random hardware parts section of your local Hardware store) - will serve as idler. Associated wire, solder, other typical electrical materials and tools The M3x20mm screw mounts on the right side of the blaster, through the motor cover (where the motor casing begins). A few screws for the Picatinny rails are mounted upside down, but are recessed into the cap. The battery goes in the front of the blaster, in the large void. There is also room for the Flywheel The World Select fire board when it comes out!

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CC BY 4.0
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