Vortex FDL-3

3D Printed Blaster By BuffdaddyNerf

Video of the blaster in action: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v3Twl7Uymrs A combination of the FDL3 Forty front end (by ProjectFLD) and Project 12, a brushless reimagining of the Nerf Vortex Nitron (by snakerbot). This initial version doesn't work consistently with Vortex drums, but uses stick magazines just fine, spraying them at the highest ROF settings. I don't have hard fps numbers, but they're consistently higher than any other Vortex blasters I use. This version uses the same hardware as the regular FDL3, but with one motor and ESC desoldered from the ESC board. Remaining motor will be mounted upside down on the right side of the blaster. Note that these files are modified to use the current (as of posting) Crux motors. I ended up using most of the FDL3 screws, plus a few extra 3mm screws (8 or 10mm long) to mount things up front. The mag release is not spring-loaded, but holds magazines just fine without one. As of now, the regular mag lever is not linked to the release button within the FDL hand guard. I'll add that on a future version. In addition, the current iteration requires a custom pusher. Relevant links to sources for the files I remixed:https://github.com/projectfdl/FDL-3-Blasterhttps://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1Mr5J10_uVi94IghgRVQMq0uhWAusgPIDhttps://www.reddit.com/r/Nerf/comments/iavzqi/project_12_a_100_brushless_vortex_blaster/

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