Argus II

3D Printed Blaster By BlasterForgePH

Parts not compatible with pre-1.5 parts P3,P4,P5,P10,P15 Changelog: 7/29/19 -Removed picatinny riser parts P11 and P19 -New P5 model -revamped internals -added M-parts (misc. parts) -remodeled grip and stock -aesthetic improvements Changelog: 7/4/19 -P6: removed and integrated to P5, tabs transferred to P10 -P10: added recess for color2 pad slot, M4 added as padding (co-piece) -P13: minor aesthetic improvement -P5: removed riser from the model, separate riser M3 optional add-on ready -P11: shortened -P16: shortened -P7: added screw port (missing) Get the latest version: Password required, DM me to get the password. Complete and detailed construction guide: download attached pdf manual

Master Blaster List
CC BY 4.0
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