Foam Hill

3D Printed Blaster By AnUndeadDude

Foam half dart blaster with a feed mechanism based on the Hill H15 smg. It is a semi automatic, horizontal magazine fed, flywheel powered blaster with a 15 shot capacity This is a proof of concept beta release, if you are looking for a reliable high performance blaster, look elsewhere. This was designed and prototyped for the tolerances of my printer, the build is involved, uses very specific hardware, requires a fair amount of filament and has a long print time, and as such I advise you to carefully consider this before spending time and resources on building it. These files are provided only as a courtesy, they are provided as is, I cannot guarantee that your prints will work and will not give support should you have issues. Please read the included Build Guide PDF before attempting this build. A printer volume of at least 200 x 200 x 180 is required for this blaster. Use a strong material with good layer adhesion, some parts if printed in PLA will have a very limited lifespan.

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