ScatterCannon Prototype

3D Printed Blaster By AnUndeadDude

This is The ScatterCannon. It is a pump action blaster that fires 3 half length foam darts per shot with a 16 shot capacity and is fed from an under slung horizontal box magazine, and was built to be a more reliable, double loadable, more powerful, quieter, higher capacity successor to The ScatterShot blaster. This page only includes the blaster, the magazine can be found here Extended Front Section found here Barrel Attachment for making chronographing the blaster easy In the grip stock attachment lug can be found here Front rail can be found here Back rail can be found here Nerf stock attachment point can be found here To operate the blaster, load the magazine with up to 16 darts per stack, then, with the pump in the forward position insert the magazine by pushing it up and forward into the magwell till it catches in place, the darts must be facing up. then prime the blaster by pulling the pump back all the way till the trigger catches then all the way forward in one smooth motion, the blaster is now ready to fire, half priming will cause the blaster to jam. To remove the magazine, with the pump in the forward position, push the mag release button in the trigger guard and pull down on the magazine. In order to help prevent dry firing, the blaster will not prime when the magazine is empty. For best results use cut down elite darts, use of wide head darts is not advised. This was designed and prototyped for the tolerances of my printer, the build is highly involved, uses very specific hardware, requires a lot of filament and has a very long print time, and as such I advise you to carefully consider this before spending time and resources on building it. These files are provided only as a courtesy, they are provided as is, I cannot guarantee that your prints will work and will not give support should you have issues. Please read the included Build Guide before attempting this build. A printer volume of at least 200 x 200 x 180 is required for this blaster. Use a strong material with good layer adhesion, parts printed in PLA will have a very limited lifespan. Do not dry fire the blaster, do not fire it when the pump grip is not in the forward position, do not release the pump grip before the trigger catches, as these actions will damage the blaster. Wear safety glasses and ear protection when operating the blaster

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