Y tho Wye Bow

3D Printed Blaster By 06CalendarGirl

A wye bow, but y tho? Cause its fun! I've seen plenty of nerf bows over the years, but there hasn't been one thats easy to reproduce. So here it is, the Y Tho Wye Bow! A simple, lightweight wye hopper fed bow with great plunger capacity and even a rail for adding sites. The bow is powered by 1/4" fiberglass driveway marker rods for power, a kevlar fiber string, through the excellently designed EnderSavesTheDay Wye, and standard hobby hardware. Fires short darts from the 10 round hopper. Hardware kits available at the Artificial Armory. Hardware list: Plunger Tube, 1 1/2" OD 1 3/8" ID Polycarb 12" Length Barrel Tube, 5/8" OD .509" ID Aluminum 12" Length Mag Tube, 1/2" PVC (clear is best) 12" Length These lengths may be increased and other barrels should also work if needed. Fiberglass rods, 6 x 1/4" OD 24" Length Fiberglass rod, 1 x 1/4" OD 14" Length One (put the dash number here) O-Ring One adhesive pad for plunger head One short string, around 10-12" One+ bowstring, 4' total length with 2-3" loops on the ends Bowstring can be made about 6" longer to reduce power. It is not recomended to shorten the bowstring beyond 4' length. Two M3 x 6mm screws One M2 x 16mm screw One M3 nut Screw lengths may be substituted for 5-10mm screws for the short and anything 15+mm for the longer screw.

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